Shining Soul 2

Viewtiful Joe

Hanjuku Hero VS 3-D

 June and July Preorder Updates

   Henceforth, all products posted for preorder will be clearly marked with territory origin to avoid confusion. In most cases, NCS will select only the Japanese version of a game for importation. If it makes sense for our company to preorder the Asian version of a game due to earlier release, we will do so but these products will be marked clearly to distinguish them. If only one version of a game is shown for preorder, NCS will only be stocking that version. 
   With the exception of the Chinese language edition of Sakura Taisen Atsuki Chishioni Ni, ASN Hanjuku Hero and the USA version of Sonic DX, all of the following products are Japanese territory. A limited edition of PS2 Fire Pro Wrestling Z will be made available in June but please wait for updates on this item to be posted soon.
GBA Shining Soul 2


Sonic Pinball Party


GC Sonic Adventure DX


Sonic Adventure DX


Viewtiful Joe


PS2 Fire Pro Wrestling Z - Regular Edition Spike

Hanjuku Hero VS 3-D Enix Square

R-Type Final Irem

Sakura Taisen - Chinese Language Sega

The Tank - Simple 2000 Series D3 Publisher







8 Man Capsule Toys - Rejected

Disney Remake Toys - Rejected

Spygear - Rejected

 Capsule Toy Intelligencer

   Yujin announced a large number of new capsule or gashapon toys overnight which are slated for June 2003. We passed on the 8 Man figures, Disney remake figures, Ojamajo Doremi finger puppets, rhinoceros beetle figures as well as the spy gear collection. There's an item in the spy capsule set called a "Spy-008 Periscope." While not useful in a submarine situation, it might work well when skulking around outside a window. Yujin also serves up a compass in the spy gear set but compasses encased in plastic are generally unreliable when attempting to find magnetic north.
   Thankfully, two capsule sets were interesting however. A group of Ai Yori Aoshi miniature figures and a retro toy collection which looks back at the Nintendo Famicom in its different forms as well as accessories for the FC. A nice touch are the cartridges which plug into the little consoles. The product solicitation mentions six types of Famicom capsule toys. We count five in the photo. We're guessing the sixth will be a surprise toy - perhaps that Gyro-mite robot? The scans posted here are the product mockups before the toys go to production. The final products will have color. 

View Ai Yori Capsule Set

Summary of the Week
Monday GC ASCII Keyboard reproduction, Warrior Blade  PS1 KOF 97 and 98 PSOne Books  TOYS Final Fantasy X-2 Calendar and more to be revealed tomorrow  NEWS Import outlook, new toys in stock
Tuesday TOYS Evangelion Soap Dishes, FFX-2 Calendar, Love Hina Again Figures, Mario Sunshine capsule toys and plushes, Morrigan figure
Wednesday TOYS Dragon Quest Satin Plushes, Galaxy Angel Mini-Figures, Lupin Jukebox, One Piece Deluxe Plush, Tokyo Mew Mew Mini-Figures, Transformers Collection Vol. 7
Thursday GC Shaman King: Soul Fight  PS Ganba no Bouken: The Puzzle Action  PS2 DDR Max 2 Controller, GT Concept 2002, Kurogane no Houkou 2: Warship Gunner, Neysu Chu! Pro Baseball 2002, Xenosaga
Friday NEWS Gamecube and Playstation 2 preorders for June and July, Yujin Capsule Toy preview
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