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Oriental Blue Ao no Tengai

  NEWS Delayed Shipments Arrive

   We hadn't planned on importing Zooo but it's an addictive puzzle game where a screen full animal heads are swiveled to group them in vertical or horizontal rows of three or more. Chain combos may be effected as well.
GBA Oriental Blue Ao no Tengai Nintendo
Minna no Soft Collection: Zooo Success
PS2 Pride Grand Prix 2003 Capcom

Armored Core: Nexus

Cool Girl


Sakura Taisen Mysterious Paris

  NEWS February 2004 PS2 Import Roster

   Publishers always seem to start any new year with a bang and the flood of activity carries over from January and continues in February with a large assortment of software. Note the new dates for Puyo Fever and FFX-2I.
Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission Square 02.05
Lemans 24 Hours - Sega Best Sega
Puyo Puyo Fever

Riding Spirits 2 Spike
Saints SCE
Dragon Ball Z 2 Bandai 02.12

Gungrave O.D. Sega
Indiscriminate Mission Blow Up! Success
Superlite 2000 Puzzle Zooo

Tantei Jinguuji Saburo : Innocent Black Workjam
Cool Girl Konami 02.19
Cool Girl Limited Edition with Figure
Gallop Racer Lucky 7 Tecmo
Gunbird 1&2 Atlus
Love  Aerobics Marvelous
Sakura Taisen - Mysterious Paris Sega
SD Gundam Generation S Gundam Seed Ed. Bandai
Armored Core Nexus Fromsoft 02.26
Bass Landing 3 w/ Tsuricon (Fishing controller) Sammy
Derby Stallion 2004 Enterbrain
Dororo Sega
Gain Ground Sega Ages 2500
Kikou Heidan J-Phoenix 2 Atlus
Soccer Life Banpresto
Virtual Racing Sega Ages 2500 Sega
Summary of the Week
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Tuesday NEWS Evangelion Comic 9 with Figure, Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Bust Figures, BT-01 Impreza
Wednesday PS2 Evangelion 2: Shinseiki Evangelions  NEWS Import restock and Sharingen Necklace
Thursday GBA Mario & Luigi  PS1 Books Akumajou Dracula X, Ganbare Goemon, Gradius Gaiden, Parodius Deluxe Pack, Twinbee Deluxe Pack  PS2 Hisako Takahashi's Let's Marathon, Kuma Uta, Mojib Ribbon, Pro Baseball Team Tsukuru! 2003, Xenosaga Reloaded  WSC Dragonball Z
Friday GBA Oriental Blue, Zooo  PS2 Pride GP 2000 NEWS PS2 February 2004 import schedule
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