GC Naruto Gekitou Ninja 3 - New Import
   Featuring beautifully redrawn artwork, Naruto 3 looks sharper than the two previous games in the series and features a new 3-on-3 team fighting system ala KOF. With a trio of fighters at the ready, super special attacks may be ignited where all three join in on the beat down. Punches and kicks are decorated with the usual flair of light sparks and dynamic effects which make for some shiny eye candy as the fighters perform on screen. As the Naruto character universe expands in the animation series, new faces such as Chouji and Jiraiya join the ranks of combatants in the game.
  Continuing the tradition of bonus schwag for all Naruto games, Tomy includes a wristband emblazoned with the Naruto swirl with each copy. Make sure to wear it when playing Naruto 3 to get the full flavor and effect of the game. Preorders submitted prior to Nov 15 will include the bonus band. Restock shipments that are slated for next week will probably not include the wristband. 
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