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   Suppliers in Japan offered us PSP units to ship this past Saturday. Since we have sizable deposits in their respective accounts for the launch, they would be able to ship approximately 500-1500 units to us immediately depending on how many we needed. That was the good news.

   We balked when the price was started at the yen equivalent of US$491.59 per PSP Value Pack without any games. We inquired about the price for the PSP regular pack and were met with a price of US$426.90. These were to be our per unit costs before shipping charges. If we were willing to pay their quoted prices for up to 1500 units, they would be able to supply them. Needless to say, we asked them to hold off on shipping anything until we could consult with customers to determine who was willing to be gouged.

   This week's situation:
   If you are willing to pay US$491.59 per PSP Value Pack + our actual import shipping cost per unit, we will import it for you and have it ready to ship on WEDNESDAY. Guaranteed. There is apparently lots of supply available... at that price. No shortage... at that price. Import costs will be approximately US$21.30 per unit for a total price of US$512.89 per PSP Value Pack. Games will also be priced higher at US$58 for the six titles that were released this weekend: Armored Core: Final Front, Lumines (still $49), Mahjong Fight Club, Minna no Golf, Ridge Racer, and Vampire Saviour. There is no shortage of any of the games and they will all be readily available on Wednesday.

   As we have mentioned many times before, our advice would be to wait a week or two. If suppliers are unable to make a quick killing on high priced stock over the next few days, panic will eventually set in and prices will be dumped. It only takes one member of the fragile cartel to break rank before all of the prices start tumbling. Sony will also ship more supplies of the PSP to market in the coming weeks and speculators will not be able to absorb all of that supply to keep any artificially inflated pricing stable.

   Since we are asking customers to wait, we will keep everyone updated on the pricing situation and still process preorders in the order that they were received. We doubt that many customers would be willing to pay such a premium to have the PSP this week but if you are, please contact us with your full name and preorder number and we will ship your order this Wednesday. Please note however that we will not accept any PSP cancellations once you confirm at the higher price and your credit card will be charged today. We will also not accept any returns of the PSP because of dead-pixel problems. Yes, there are numerous reports of units with dead-pixel problems in the market. None of our suppliers or Sony themselves, apparently, will accept dead-pixel PSPs for return and you agree to accept this condition

DC Chaos Field

Ships on Wednesday

PS2 MGS3 Snake Eater

Ships on Thursday

  NEWS Import Outlook - Arrivals on Wednesday and Thursday
   Besides the new PSP games that are slated for Wednesday and Thursday, a number of other imports are expected this week. New PSP releases for Wednesday-Thursday include Metal Gear Acid and Kollon while the leader in PS2 presales is Namco's Tales of Rebirth. The overall sales leader this week is the DC conversion of Chaos Field which is expected on Wednesday.
DC Chaos Field Milestone
GBA Zoids Saga Fuzors Tomy
GC Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Nintendo
  Donkey Kong Jungle Beat + Tatacon Nintendo
Super Robot Wars GC Banpresto
PS2 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Konami
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Limited Ed. Konami X
Legions Gekitou! Saga Battle Bandai
Tales of Rebirth Namco
PSP Armored Core: Formula Front From Soft
  Kollon Cyber Front
Legend of Heroes: Gagharv Trilogy Bandai
Lumines Sega
Mahjong Fight Club Konami
Metal Gear Acid Konami
Minna no Golf Portable SCE
Ridge Racer Namco
Vampire Chronicle Capcom
XBX Guilty Gear Isuka Sammy

New Darth Vader vinyl figure

$89 shipped

Sonic X plush

$6.50 shipped

Super Hero Ops LE items

$25 shipped

  SOTD Scrap Heap Scramble LXIII


New Mega Slime Plush New Medium Slime Plush New GGX Joystick

$33 shipped

$13 shipped

$39 shipped

Saturn AV Cable MGS Book Japanese mags

$12 shipped

$16 shipped

$19 shipped

New but open Macross Efficus clock Jet Force Gemini book

$49 shipped

$15 shipped

$12 shipped


Dreamcast Magazine Vol 1
209 pages, NM condition
$6.50/copy shipped

MOTD Dreamcast Magazine Vol 1 [Jan 7-14, 2000] allgone
 Cover   Ulala reigns.
p8-11 Dreamcast news and a feature on the Tokyo Game Shoe 2000 Spring, Roommate Complete Box, and new music releases.
p19-23 Dreamcast Magazine Grand Prix 1999 article which checks out the best DC games of the past year and run downs all of the games released in 1999 in chronological order.  
p24 DC Reviews - Shenmue (10/9/9) and Sakura Columns 2 (8/9/7). 
p30-55 Large Shenmue spread which explains the game system, mini-games, Shenmue Passport, Story Digest, Tokosuka Walker (maps), an informative Q&A, and a sit down with Yu Suzuki and staff of AM2. 
p80-81 Pop 'n Music 3 append disc characters and how append disks work. p100-108 Evolution 2 story, background, and a neato four-page calendar which opens up to reveal artwork and the months of 2000. 
p125-128 Space Channel 5 reports from Ulala. 
p142-143 Undercover AD 2025 Kei background info and scenes of action.
p154-163 Virtual-On OT website info, arcade comparison, battlefields.
p198-199 Puyo Puyo Da! as played by a portly, hyperactive Japanese fellow.
Summary of the Week
Monday NEWS PSP Pricing Fireworks, Import outlook for the week, Scrap Heap Reaches LXIII
Wednesday GBA Rockman EXE5: Team of Blues, Zoids Saga Fuzors  GC Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Super Robot Wars GC  PS2 Godzilla Monster Fighter, Metal Gear Solid 3, Tales of Rebirth  PSP Sony PSP units, Lumines, Minna no Golf, Ridge Racer, Vampire Chronicle: The Chaos Tower
Thursday NEWS PSP Update for next week
Friday PSP Metal Gear Acid
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