PS2 Bomberman Land 3 - New Import

   Take another trip to an updated Bomberman Land theme park where the fun never ends. The park is broken up into five zones along with a hotel where the Bombermen relax. A major game in Bomberland 3 is a full blown racing game, Bomberman Kart, where drivers muscle for rank on winding tracks against rival racers. Up to four players may also battle it out with explosives and other skills in classic Bomberman maze action.

   The theme park is viewed in full 3D with the ability to view the action from an overhead isometric perspective. New attractions include a casino, various shops, and other venues/sights to see. Clearing certain challenges will open up new areas of Bomberman Land to explore. Mini-games are a varied lot with challenges such as jump rope, matching numbers, side scrolling ninja slashing, whack-a-mole, skateboarding, toilet paper rolling, footrace, a 3D tube racing game, and others.
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