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   Legends have a way of inspiring artists, writers, and film directors. In the world of Grandia III, the legend of a flying ace named Schmidt has inspired a young boy known as Yuuki to work towards his dream of becoming a skilled pilot. For Yuuki, progress is slow at first with him tinkering in his little garage-cum-workshop where he works on his custom ride. Later in the game, Yuuki meets a girl named Alfina and the two join up to stop her evil brother Emelious.

   Battles are fought on 3D areas where actions are shown in full motion. Yuuki may perform a rushing attack and whirl a creature around to convey the impact of power. Since the game is about flying...which is accomplished by wind streams, Yuuki's stylish attacks are shown with wind trails. For example, slashing a sword evinces wind marks as his sword sings through the air.   

   Alfina is a blonde haired elfin girl with protruding mouse ears who wears a svelte green uniform of some sheen and two long strands of hair weave out from the back of her designer ponytail. Alfina attacks with a  ruby staff which she hefts over her head and brings it down to launch attacks. Special attacks are cinematic affairs including one where she calls forth a column of light which then radiates outward in whirlwind fashion to damage foes in the local vicinity.

   There's also a pink-haired fairy named Hect which carries a stringed instrument of some sort to call forth attacks. She's decked out with iridescent gossamer wings and a poofy dress which is supported by a corset of some kind. Hect's attacks are also impressive where she calls forth an ice quake of sorts where shards of ice ripple through the ground and in the path of the target. As the ice charges through the hapless beast, the shards wll do mass damage and knock it for a loop and then continue off into the distance. Hect may also call forth overly elaborate whirlwind attacks which start off slow and dramatic but end with volleys of screaming fireballs plummeting down on foes.

   Yuuki does a lot of roaming on foot in the game but he also flies through the blue yonder. Flight is controlled entirely by Yuki in his little glider type plane which is powered by a powerful propeller located behind the ship. When diving in and out of the clouds, the visuals gradually change to reflect the changes in perspective. For example, when plummeting down through the clouds, the white wisps gradually thin out and the brown/green hue of the land zooms up. When banking upwards towards the heavens, the faint white clouds appear hazy at first but then firm up into puffy clouds. A few seconds later, after poking through the clouds, they turn from ceiling to a floor of white below the plane. The effects serve to convey the sensation of flight and the visuals are well designed. The realistic flight model is also conducive to the feeling of flying as it's a steady and deliberate climb and dive instead of herky-jerky mechanics that might jar one back to reality.

   Fellow flyers to be encountered during flight include whales which sort of stay aloft and flap their fins, ships, and other craft. Yuuki's adventure will have him flying in rain, snow, fog, and other atmospheric conditions. To show off the illusion of speed, twin vapor trails will spill off the ends of the wings of Yuuki's craft when he's zooming along.


   SAS - combo attacks may be pulled off where one hero targets a foe and then before impact, immediately selects a second character to pull off an attack after the first hits his blow for double teaming.

   Aerial combos are also available where takes one fighter attacks a creature in flight and then another follows up with the coup de grace.
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