PS2 Pachitte Ultra Seven Chonmage Tatsujin 8 - New Import

   Drop some yen into the virtual Ultra Seven Chonmage pachinko machine and shoot little pellets into the play field. Observe as they click-clack downwards through the maze of pegs and gauge their descent. With the knowledge of the pellets directional drops in mind, aim more pellets into the playfield to win big prizes when they drop into the receptacles below. The prizes in this case are clips of Ultra Seven members kicking major kaiju butt.

Special modes in the game include:

Capture Mode: Adjust the settings of the pachinko playboard and tilt the pegs in various ways to see how they affect the drop of the pachinko pellets. All manner of data may also be compiled after playing the game a few times such as the winnings ratio, revenue, etc. Just like a real machine keeps tabs of the reams of data.

Challenge Mode: Hang out at the pachinko parlor and challenge various in-game opponents in tests of pachinko skill.

Appreciation Mode: View the Ultra Seven pachinko machines close-up with a virtual magnifying glass.
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