GC Pokemon XD: Yami no Senpuu Dark Lugia - New Import

   Five years after the snatch and purification of 48 Dark Pokemon in Pokemon Colosseum, the hero of Pokemon XD (eXtra Dimension) faces a new group of malcontents known as Cipher. With the mighty and massive Dark Lugia (codename XD001) by their side, Cipher hatches new plans to create more evil Pokemon in Lugia's image to take over the world.

   Take control of a new trainer who travels with an Eevee Pokemon and purify the Dark Pokemon before Cipher's grand machinations plunge the world into shadow. At the outset of Pokemon XD, a sailor gifts the hero with items that are used to evolve Eevee into five possible forms as follows:

Espeon - Psychic Pokemon with Confusion attack
Flareon - Fire Pokemon with Ember attack
Jolteon - Electric Pokemon with a Thunder Shock attack
Umbreon - Dark Pokemon with Bite attack
Vaporeon - Water Pokemon with Water Gun attack

   Battles are fought on 3D battlefields ala Colosseum where Pokemon belch out flames, fire off special attacks and other elemental volleys. World travel is viewed from a 3/4 overhead camera which keeps track of movement indoors and outdoors. Cinematic cut scenes are peppered amongst the exploration action to move the story along.   

  The purification process starts by sending a Dark Pokemon into battle and then checking its purple heart gauge. When it reaches zero, the purification is nearly complete and may be concluded by visiting the Relic Stone. Another way to purify a Pokemon is by bringing it to the Purify Chamber where it is surrounded by a couple of normal Pokemon. The purification process time varies depending on the types of Pokemon that are used to surround the Dark Pokemon and some may delay the process while others will speed it up.

   Along with the adventure portion of Pokemon XD, trainers may also take part in a battle mode where Pokemon face off against each other in full-blown 3D combat sessions. Pokemon and trainers may also be transferred from GBA Pokemon games to the Gamecube through a GBA-Gamecube cable.

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