PSP Rockman Dash: Hagane no Boukenshin - New Import

   The world has been deluged by water and only islands poke through the choppy swells. To power the machines and technology, quantum refractors recovered from ancient ruins are used to keep the lights burning. Bands of diggers recover the ancient technology and legends are whispered amongst them about something capable of providing all the power the world needs. Mother Lode...

   Join the orphan Rockman Voulnut in an adventure where he seeks answers to the disappearance of his parents and perhaps even locate the mysterious Mother Lode. Teaming up with Roll Casket, his best friend, and Grandpa Casket, the trio form a Digging team on the hunt for quantum refractors. Adversaries include the pirating Bonne family and their army of servbots. As the game begins, the Diggers crash land on Kattelox Island after an engine malfunction. Explore the island and visit the Junkshop, Jetlag Bakery, City Hall and other locations.

  Reaverbots, Blumebears and assorted servbot monsters that are encountered may be defeated by shooting at them with a blaster. They'll shoot back and charge but a side roll may be triggered to avoid oncoming tacklers. Rockman travels the world in 3D and the the game view may be swiveled around on the fly as new locations and avenues appear.

New in the PSP version of Rockman Dash is voice acting during the many cut scenes in the game.

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