PSP Taiko no Tatsujin Bataburu - New Import

   Namco brings their drum banging rhythm game to the PSP with 38 songs pulled from J-Pop, Animation, and Classical music genres. Up to 4-players may seek top ranking against each other in wireless competition. Since Namco did not provision a portable Tatacon for the PSP, the pad and buttons will have to suffice. A new move in the game requires the rapid twiddling of the PSP analog pad in order to register.

   Two players may jam on 1 PSP by handling some cues and the respective buttons to match those cues. Three mini-games are also included for added diversion - there's one where sumo wrestlers bump and grind to the accuracy and speed that the onscreen cues are tapped to. The fastest and most accurate drummer watches his sumo push the opponent over the edge of a big Taiko Tatacon. Another mini-game is played by rotating the PSP 90 degrees counterclockwise where Tatacon parts drop from the top of the screen. The player uses the analog pad to shuffle a number of levers to guide the parts downwards so that they produce properly formed Tatacons. 

    Songs include
'Cha-la Head-Cha-la' from Dragonball Z, I'm A slave 4 U from Britney, We Will Rock You which also played at the end of the Revenge of the Nerds movie, the Lupin III Theme Song, Dragon Spirit Medley, Ridge Racer, and many others for a total of 38 tunes. To ensure longevity, Namco will offer new music downloads that may be played in the game.  

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