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 NDS Dig Dug: Digging Strike - New Import
   Pooka and Fygar dust off their hides and are back to battle a new generation of diggers. Massive monsters are raising a ruckus and an urgent call goes out to Susumu Hori aka Mr Driller. The original Dig Dugger, Taizou Hori, intercepts the message and thinks to himself, "I'm not dead yet, I can do everything that whippersnapper of a son can do!" (or something like that) and heads off to battle monsters in Susumu's stead.
   In the NDS update of a retro classic, the top screen depicts a bird's eye view of the level while the lower screen shows off the action from a side view... or an ant's eye scope. Taizou battles minor henchmen such as Pooka and Fygar but the ultimate goal is to destroy the entire island and <more>

PS2 FFX/X2 Ultimate Box JPN

 PS2 Final Fantasy X/X2 Ultimate Box - New Import
   Square bundles up FFX, FFX-2 and the "FFX: Another Story" bonus DVD.


PS2 Expansion Memory Card ASN

 PS2 Expansion Memory Card 128M- New Import
   Released last month in Hong Kong but higher memory prices have stunted production of EMS' Expansion Memory Card. We did however receive a small batch today and all preorders will ship this afternoon. Restock is expected within 2 weeks for new orders. The memory card has 128M capacity but requires the use of an official PS2 memory card with Magic Gate as a "booter" to initialize the PS2 before it will recognize the Expansion Memory Card. Pricing is set at US$25 for new orders but we will honor the preorder price of US$19 for customers who have already submitted reservations.

TOY Evangelion Apostle Sachiel

 NEWS General Updates
Evangelion Apostles
   Manufacturer Wave has started preorders for two PVC pre-painted figures which ship in mid-late December 2005. The figures are non-scale but measure 14cm (5.5") tall and will be designed by Mine Yoshizaki who also created the mighty Sergeant Keroro Gunso. Wave has only released artistic renditions of the figures thus far but they give an approximation of what the production figures will look like. The two apostles are:

Evangelion Apostle XX Sachiel A-03 (The Third Angel)
Evangelion Apostle XX Zuruel A-14 (The Fourteen Angel)

  Pricing is set at Y2500 or US$29 from NCS. 
Transformers Binaltech Change
   Takara has canceled Transformers Binaltech BT-16: Wildrider featuring Honda S 2000 Aero Style which was originally scheduled to ship later this month. It will be released as Binaltech Asterisk-04 later this year and preorders will be opened once an updated ship date is announced.
   Due to the cancellation, Binaltech BT-17 Skids featuring Toyota BB will now become BT-16 which retains its original ship date of November 2005.
Fire Pro Wrestling Returns Released + Shipping Tonight from Japan
   On schedule to arrive on Tues-Wed. New preorders are welcome.

The Playstation Vol. 135
201 pages, N/M condition
$7.50/copy shipped

 MOTD The Playstation Vol 135 [Feb 5, 1999] allGone
Cover: Refrain Love
p7 Feature on the Macintosh Virtual Game Station software from Connectix which emulates the PS1. The article also discusses the lawsuit leveled by SCEI against the publishers of the software.
16-19 Fourteen new releases are ranked including Bloody Roar 2 (52/60/73), Langrisser IV & V Final Edition (62/75/75), and Parlor! Pro 5 (56/24/62).
p36-39 Unjammer Lammy game preview with television commercial screen caps and play info.
p77 Preview of Patlabor the Game which shows off some shots of ShinGetter beating up an Invader.
p78-83 Refrain Love - a comprehensive gal profile. Developers Koji Ikemoto and Koji Hori also discuss the creative process.
p90-91 Gunbird 2 weapon power-ups and a look at Marion and Aine.
p84-97 Crash Bandicoot 3 in Hanayahiki feature where three lads take Bandicoot-costumed man to an amusement park. Photographs are taken as incriminating evidence.
p136-143 Genso Suikoden II level maps, characters, and monster info.

   Our thoughts go out to the victims of Katrina.

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Thursday NDS Pachislot Sengen: Rio de Carnival  PS2 Fighting for One Piece, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Konchu Saishuu SP2000 Vol. 83, Tokyo Bus Guide 2  PSP Rockman Dash 2
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