GBA Super Robot Wars J - In Stock

   Forgive the no-frills, static title screen of SRW J, it gets much better once the game begins. At the outset choose from a male or female character to start as your protagonist and choose a representative mech from three possible types which vary in HP, ENERGY, and other attributes. The animation quality of the battles is impressive with full screen action coupled with throbbing + vibrant sound effects and incessant music. Near the beginning of the game, one of the enemies will fire out a gaggle of streaming missiles which weave across the screen before homing in one the player's mech and impacting mass damage. The thup-thup-thup of bullet fire also sounds like authentic gun action.

   Mighty mites flow into action once again in tactical arenas of battle that animate beautifully in outer space - true to original formula, the robots choose an action and then watch it play out in lush special effects filled cinemas. Watch with mouth agape as whirlwinds, zooming clouds, and lasers all converge on targets to pack a wallop. Sword slashes releasing power blasts are also in play which dole out a lot of damage. Streams of energy and wide area conflagrations billow out to damage a target. The properties featured in SRW J are as follows:

Combattler V
Full Metal Panic!
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
Gundam Seed
G Gundam
Martian Successor Nadesico
Mazinkaiser Vs. Ankoku Daishogun
SPT Layzner
Tekkaman Blade
Voltes V

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