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PS2 Dragonball Z Sparking! JPN

 PS2 Dragonball Z Sparking! + Bonus Pen - New Import
   After three successful DBZ games from Dimps, Bandai decided to take another tack and handed over the development of the latest Dragonball Z game to Spike of Fire Pro Wrestling fame. From our quick play though this morning, the decision was a astute one.
   Spike built a beauty of a 3D engine for DBZ Sparking and not only do the fighters battle on the ground, they also take to the skies for thrilling aerial encounters that mimic the escapades of the animation. Saiyan fly around in 3D environments to dash away from an aggressor or close the distance to pursue a whipped opponent. The trigger buttons are used to control altitude and flight is pretty much mandatory in Sparking! When toe-to-toe, the fighters appear massive on screen and move with fluid animation. As the battle rages and distance grows, the camera will quickly adjust for the perspective change as fighters throw projectile attacks or fly closer to attack with fists and feet. Howls of pain, grunts of disapproval, and other vocal effects sound out during the course of battle to add aural accompaniment to the fisticuffs and fireworks.
   Most impressive are the free flight sequences where players may knock an opponent for a loop and fling him a hundred yards away through <more> 

TOYS Taiko no Tatsujin Hat JPN

 ETC Taiko no Tatsujin Hat - New Import
   Damn the wolfman, vampire, frankiestein, and mummy costumes. All one really needs for Halloween is a Taiko Hat. With the festivities a few weeks away, the Taiko no Tatsujin Hat arrives just in time to fill your rhythm game costume theme. For example, don the Taiko Hat, wear an orange tablecloth, and grab a pair of drumsticks. Dub thyself "Taiko Man" or "The Drum Master Supreme" and impress everyone at the school/office Halloween party. For those who enjoy roaming the streets on All Hallow's Eve, wear the Taiko Hat and tuck two more Taikos underneath your arms to create a Taiko gang... all on your lone person. When you bellow out "Trick or Treat" at the neighbors house, they'll be sure to give you both just to make you leave.
  Two colors are available: Blue Drum Body with different faces and Red Drum Body with different faces. Since there are many faces and limited allocation of each, please note that we are selling the drums by Blue or Red body only. If you have a face preference however, please type up to three preferences in the notes section of the order form. <Photos>

GBM Mesh Pouch Micro Silver JPN

 GBM Mesh Pouch Micro [Silver and Blue] - New Import
   Unhappy with the regulation issue mini-satchel that's included with the Gameboy Micro? Junk it and reach for the Mesh Pouch Micro which features a wallet style design where a velcro attached flap cracks open to reveal a pocket inside to store the GBM. There's little room for anything else inside but the protective mesh weave that's woven throughout the pouch provides ample bounce if a harried gamer should drop the precious bit of kit.
There is one mystifying omission with the Mesh Pouch however - there's no loop or ring for connecting a strap for ease of carriage.

TOY Dead or Alive K-T Figure JPN

 TOY Dead or Alive K-T Figure Collection DX - New Import
   Instead of giving Christie and Helena some love and representation in the Kaiyodo-Takara DOA figures, the manufacturer went with two versions of Ayane and two Kasumis. Lei-Fang and Hitomi also made the cut this time. Measuring 8cm or approximately 3" tall, the fighting gals are fully posable with articulated arms and legs which allow them to be arranged into kinetic action poses. The build quality of each figure is impressive given the relatively low price point of the toys. Pricing is set at US$6.50 per randomly packaged figure. Please note that the individual boxes are not marked and there is no way for us to divine the contents of each one. If you wish to order a factory sealed case of 12 figures, please enter a quantity of "12" in your shopping cart. Also known as Yamaguchi-Shiki Mini Action Figure.

TOY Mon-sieur Bome Vol 8 JPN

 TOY MON-SIEUR BOME Collection Vol. 8 - Preorder
MON-SIEUR BOME Collection Vol. 8
Xenosaga Kos-Mos PVC Completed Figure \ Pre-painted and Assembled

   Kaiyodo has started preorders for the Mon-sieur Bome Collection Vol. 8 which features a version of Kos-Mos from the Xenosaga game. While not as beautifully sculpted and painted as last month's 1/8 scale variant of Kos-Mos from manufacturer Alta, the Mon-sieur Bome interpretation has its strengths.
For one, Kos-Mos doesn't twist in the Bome version and stands straight, like a wooden plank, to allows for head-on viewing of her armor, arm coverings, and garters. From behind, Kos' blue locks flow in luxurious fashion. Similar to other Bome figures, Kos-Mos will ship in a standard blister pack and a pistol is included for Kos-Mos to grip.
   Preorders will ship in December 2005 and pricing is set at Y3900 or US$43 from NCS.

PSP PlayGear Pocket JPN

 NEWS General Updates
Import PlayGear Pocket in Stock
 The Blue, Orange, and White versions of Logitech's  PlayGear Pocket for PSP are now in stock and shipping to preorders this afternoon. Pricing is set at US$25 each.
Gunstar Restock Delayed
   Due to a shipment delay overnight, the remainder of our Gunstar Super Heroes shipments are now expected tomorrow.  

The Playstation Vol. 8
151 pages, N/M condition
$7.50/copy shipped

 MOTD Playstation Magazine Vol. 8 [April 16, 1998] allGone
Cover: Parasite Eve
Atelier Elie characters and game objectives.
p20-41 Parasite Eve detailed data on weapons, creatures, and maps with screenshot samples of many various locations of interest. The photos of locations are broken down into the days that they are in play.
p42-45 3D Fighting School game creation software which gives non-programmers the tools and parts to create cookie-cutter fighting games. Based on some of the fighting games that were released back then, third rate publishers may have used the software to full effect. 
p50-54 Rival Schools background story and creator interview.
p61-73 Tokyo Game Show recap with news on Metal Gear Solid, Star Ocean 2nd Story, Brave Fencer Musashiden, Kagero 2, Pocket Fighters, Debut 21, Lunar Eternal Blue, Dezaemon Kids, XI, and Real Bout Special DM.
p74-78 Tekken 3 creator interview and comprehensive moves sheet for Gon which features all combo attacks as well.
p79-91 Biohazard 2 maps and game play tactics.
127-131 News Flash on Zig Zag Ball, B.L.U.E., Capcom Generation, etc.

   Our thoughts go out to the victims of Katrina.

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