ETC Taiko no Tatsujin Hat - New Import

   Damn the wolfman, vampire, frankiestein, and mummy costumes. All one really needs for Halloween is a Taiko Hat.

   Halloween is a few weeks away and the Taiko no Tatsujin Hat arrives just in time to fill your rhythm game costume theme. For example, don the Taiko Hat, wear an orange tablecloth, and grab a pair of drumsticks. Dub thyself "Taiko Man" or "The Drum Master Supreme" and impress everyone at the school/office Halloween party. For those who enjoy roaming the streets on All Hallow's Eve, wear the Taiko Hat and tuck two more Taikos underneath your arms to create a Taiko gang... all on your lone person. When you bellow out "Trick or Treat" at the neighbors house, they'll be sure to give you both just to make you leave.
  Two colors are available: Blue Drum Body with different faces and Red Drum Body with different faces. Since there are many faces and limited allocation, please note that we are selling the drums by Blue or Red body only. If you have a Taiko face preference however, please type up to three preferences in the notes section of the order form and we'll try our best to fill it. The hats measure 28cm long by 23cm tall or roughly 11" long by 9" tall. The area where one's head fits into is a "free-size" receptacle which accommodates small and large noggins alike. 

   The Taiko Hat is made of a plushy material and includes a chin-strap to make sure the Hat doesn't fly off your head when the wind blows. When running from derisive attackers, the chin strap will also ensure that Taiko doesn't bound away when its master is scampering over hillocks and grassy fields.
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