PC Ragnarok Online Poring Mouse - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
  NCSX▪ Still logging massive hours on Ragnarok Online like a fiend? NCS has something for you. Instead of slashing a cuddly Poring critter to death like you usually do, caress it lovingly. Palm it like a pet hamster and roll it all over your desk for fun. Or just move the cursor on your WinXP/Win98/2000/ME compatible PC with the adorable pink Poring mouse from Hori. Two buttons are crafted into the back of its body along with a scroll wheel. The mouse is an 800dpi optical input device and has a lengthy 1.2m (47.24") USB cable.

   In addition to the mouse, a circular mouse pad is included inside the package. We're not sure why these were so expensive (Y6090 @ Horistore) but the construction quality is solid and non-creaky. Creaky = bad. Non-creaky = good. 

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