TOYS Transformers Pepsi Convoy - New Import / In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
NCSX▪ When the Autobots look for refreshment, they apparently reach out for a Pepsi instead of a can of Coke or a double fudgy Yoo-hoo.

   The Pepsi Convoy trailer holds a bottle of Pepsi horizontally or two 350ml cans upright. If you're a hoarder of bottle caps, a whole crop of caps may be tossed onto the back. The package includes a cardboard replica of a Pepsi Twist bottle which is rolled inside and lit upon the trailer. Takara expects to sell 15,000 units of the Pepsi Convoy in the first year but we're guessing repaints next year might help to add to that ambitious number.

Product Dimensions
Robot Mode: 160 x 95 x 45 mm
Vehicle Mode with Trailer: 320 x 88 x 90 mm

Product Contents
Pepsi Convoy toy
Pepsi bottle replica
Collector's card
Instruction sheet

Release Date in Japan
December 28, 2005

Takara has no plans to release the Pepsi Convoy in territories outside of Japan.

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