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TOYS Jungle Emmy JPN

 TOYS Monsieur Bome Vol. 11 & Kinu Nishimura Cammy [SOLD OUT]
NCSX A partial shipment of the Cammy Girl-Fighting 1/6 scale painted figure (right) arrived today along with a full shipment of the Jungle Emmy figure (left). We are pre-sold out of both figures at this time but we'll update if additional supplies are available from vendors in Japan in the next few days.

   Please note that Girl-Fighting Chun-Li is still on the way and should arrive in the next few days.

   Cammy's green body glove is basically painted on while Emmy's flimsy tiger-print tatters leave little to the imagination. For those who have no imagination, Emmy may go topless thanks to her removable covering. Both figures are made of PVC and both gals are sculpted in fixed poses.

PCB Pink Sweets JPN

 PCB Pink Sweets - Preorder / Shipping April 21, 2006
NCSX Mother Theresa, the sixth Guardian in Ibara, did not die. Neither did any of the Rose sisters. We know this because they're back in Cave's latest shooter where they've shifted from the dark side to the light. Players get to pilot the gals and use a barrier/shot system to defeat flitting enemies as well as end level bosses of the pastel-colored type. The first boss looks like a tinker toy version of Robby the Robot from the Forbidden Planet. During the game, the gals yelp and intonate various sayings to steel themselves for battle...
   Cave is accepting preorders for the Pink Sweets pcboard kit which ships on April 21, 2006 at Y248,000 or US$2500 shipped directly from Japan upon release.




NAOMI Trigger Heart Exelica JPN

 PCB Trigger Heart Exelica - Preorder / Shipping May 26, 2006
NCSX Two heavily armored maidens named Cruel Tear (pink hair and purple eyes) and Exelica (purple hair and blue eyes) wing their way through metallic levels while weaving a swath of destruction. Despite their heavy armor, both girls still manage to reveal a lot of leg. Play mechanics appear routine at first with standard vulcans blasting away but Warashi adds the "Anchor Shot" to the game system where either Cruel Tear or Exelica may tether an enemy ship and shoot it at other enemies for added scoring. An enemy ship may also be hooked and then used as a barrier against enemy shots. It's a new shmup wrinkle.
   Preorders for the Exelica Naomi GD-Rom + key chip ship on May 26 at Y168,000 or US$1750 from NCS which includes shipping from Japan. 




PS2 Kingdom Hearts II USA

 NEWS General Updates
NDS Lite Update <reading is fundamental>
   Shipments are scheduled to arrive tomorrow but please note that as of last night, we closed preorders for the batches that are arriving this week. Demand was unexpectedly high. Additional shipments are expected later in the week or early next week for new orders.
   Please do not place an order now
(as in right now) if you want to ship this week since we won't be able to guarantee your order this week.

   Supplies are improving and our traditional suppliers have begun stocking the units in larger quantities. With rumors of a summer launch for the USA version of the NDS Lite, we're guessing that supplies will continue to improve in Japan and prices will continue to drop in the next few weeks.
Kingdom Hearts II USA, etc
   All preorders for the USA version of KH2 are shipping today.

Please note that all of this week's new USA Xbox 360 games are expected tomorrow and PS2 Beatmania Bundle (US$68) is not expected to arrive until Thursday or Friday.

   The controller that is included in the USA version of Beatmania is the same model as the Beatmania IIDX Controller that we currently sell for US$89....



Game Walker Vol. 31
141 pages; N/M Condition
Price US$7.50 per copy

 MOTD Game Walker Vol. 31 [Dec 1998] allGone
Cover: Ryoko Hirosue, actress
p5-7 Tamao Satoh profile and short pictorial.
p10-16 This Month feature on the latest music and video game releases such as Virus, Bomberman Hero, and Derby Stallion.
p20-31 Updates on various consoles including the Saturn and GD-Net service, Playstation's aspiring juggernaut, and the promise of the N64-DD.
p36-43 Final Fantasy Tactics character profiles, battle system details, monsters, movement, and overall game information.
p44-47 Saga Frontier character portraits and their respective stories and background information.
p48-51 Martian Successor Nadesico game info and cast details.
p52-53 Metal Gear Solid prople, world, and battle info for the first level.
p54-55 Tobal 2 characters and fighting system primer.
p56-57 Slayers Royale battle operations and execution.
p62-67 Photo spreads and profiles for Miwa Hosoki, Jyunko Tamaki, Moe Yamaguchi, Yukie Nakama, and Sayaka Yoshino.
p88 Profile on cover model Ryoko Hirosue. Western audiences may remember her as Yumi Yoshimido in the 2001 French comedy, Wasabi, directed by Luc Besson. Jean Reno plays DDR in the film. Poorly.

9:49AM Bias is short but waiting for 1 more bull launch 

Summary of the Week
Monday NEWS NDS Lite update - pricing at US$209, Valkyrie Profile Silmeria Artifact Box preorders, Milk Tank Teacher NeNe reproduction, Release outlook for the week - Naruto Narutimett Portable leads preorders
Tuesday TOYS Jungle Emmy and Girl Fighting Cammy in stock but sold out  NEWS Arcade preorders for Pink Sweets and Trigger Heart Exelica, NDS Lite update, and USA Kingdom Hearts II shipping
Wednesday GBA Yggdra Union  NDS Lites finally arrive and orders starting to ship  PS2 Harukanaru 3 Limited Edition  PSP Simple 2500 Series Vol. 6 The Sensha  X360 Tengai Makyo Ziria
Thursday NDS Contact, Kageyama Hideo no IQ Teacher DS, Kanbayashi Type Brain Power Development, M.A.R. Heaven Karudea no Akuma, Xenosaga I & II DS  PS2 Another Century's Episode 2, Black Cat [Regular and Limited], Ys V Lost Kefin Kingdom of Sand, Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 2  PSP Megami no Etsubo, Naruto Narutimett Portable  X360 Over G Energy Air Force, Rumble Roses XX
Friday NDS Docking Pouch DS, Lovely Boston DS, Smart Case DS Lite, Smart Pouch Lite, Silicon Jacket DS  PS2 Black Cat Limited Edition, Gunparade Orchestra Midori no Shou, Immortal Grand Prix, Shinobido Takumi  PSP Lemmings [EUR]  X360 Conveni 200X, Zoids Infinity EX Neo    
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