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NCS Game Synopsis
NCSX Nintendo presents 40+ mini-games which require rhythm and sync to win. Make that strict rhythm and sync skills since the games are challenging and brook no foolishness or ill-timed input. As a rhythm player, gamers pluck hair, swing at balls, punch flower pots, bang drums, and much more. A total of 8 stages which contain 6 mini-games each progressively ramp in difficulty. In order to progress to new rhythm exercises, one must complete each mini-game successfully to advance to the next game.
   The introductory exercise is a beat meter of sorts where a video screen thumps out the letter "A" and you're inclined to tap the "A" button in time to the cues on screen. The challenge is to tap as closely as possible to the cues since you're being measured for accuracy. As you continually tap the "A" button, a little chart is printed out which shows the accuracy of your tapping on a zig-zag graph. The closer the tap point on the graph is to the center, the more accurate your tapping rhythm. 

   In the next sequence, the video screen counts down from 3 to 0 continuously and you tap the "A" button when the beat reaches "0". The beats are straightforward at first but later, pauses are introduced which try to trick an "A" button thumper. Later in the exercise, random number skipping also occurs to throw a player off his game. At the outset, the rhythm of the beat is constant but the speed of the cues subtlety speeds up until you're anticipating the "A" button at different times. The sound of the cue as it appears is a tiny shrill beep but the press of the "A" button elicits a heavy and solid thumping sound that may cause people within range of your GBA to bop their heads in unison to the beat.


Some examples of rhythm challenges that await:

1) A frizzy-haired karate dude stands on the left side of the screen while flower pots and other objects are hurled into the screen. Punch them in time to the music where a girl says things such as "Hey baby, how's it going?" While the karate dude is punching pots, he'll also bop up and down to the catchy beat of the music. Every time a pot is hit, one of five hearts on the left side of the screen is filled with color. When karate guy punches a rock, his facial expression changes and he leers at the player as if he did something special. Poor punch timing will result in humorous effects.

2) An onion with a face is sprouting hairs and one must use a pair of tweezers to snatch the hairs off. The game starts with hairs popping out of the onion's chin followed by tweezers which swing in an uninterrupted arc below the vegetable's chin. As the tweezers pass each hair, tap the "A" button to pluck. Each pluck causes the onion's face to blink and after all the hairs are removed, it looks up to the heavens as if satisfied with the work. Some hairs are curled up and stringy which require a longer "A" button press in order to remove. In addition to a yellow onion, a purple radish also makes an appearance for grooming services.

3) A marching band appears where four marchers do their thing while a bossman bellows out commands on the left side of the screen. At first, the crew turns their collective heads to the left or right when instructed by the drill sergeant. You do this by pressing the d-pad to the left or right when cued. Once the head turning game is done, it's marching time where one waits until the sergeant bellows out his command and then press the "A" button in time with the rest of the marchers. If you're doing it properly, the four marchers march without with a strict tap-tap-tap sound on the ground. Each march ends with an "at attention" move which is activated by pressing the "B" button. If you're missing the cues or tapping out of step, you'll hear tiny boing-boing-boing sounds and the sergeant's face will turn red and angry as smoke billows from the top of his head

4) A green-skinned batter in a green room waits for balls to pop out of a pipe in the ground and smacks them when they reach level by pressing the "A" button. A UFO floats in the background in front of the window. The music has a Latin flavor and the pop of the ball as it is ejected from the pipe coupled with the crack of the bat as it hits the ball adds to the musical tempo. During the course of play, the camera pans out of the little room to add a bit of challenge to the ball hitting antics since the ball can barely be seen when the camera pans far away. If you hit the ball well, it pops right out of the screen. If poorly hit, it'll bloop to the side.

5) Three dogs with white gloves and big red wigs are dancing in time with each other as the music plays. They'll clap, shake, and sway like a musical gang. The claps add accompaniment to the music. The claps must also be tapped in sequence from left to right - mess up a cue and instead of a solid clap sound, you'll hear a blooper sound.

NCS Consensus
One of the most addictive and dare we say, grooviest, rhythm games EVER. The mini-games are varied enough to catch and keep a player's interest despite the fact that pretty much all of the games require one single command - tapping the "A" button in time like an automaton.

   This document and photos are NCSX 2006. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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