Pocket Dream Console- NCS Play Test

Simple pinball game on a farm.

Pocket Dream Console
Tomy and Takara released a handheld gaming system on August 3 called the Pocket Dream Console. Essentially a closed system with 30 built-in games and an AV port for output to television, the PDC is about the size of a Gameboy Micro. The unit runs on three AAA batteries with a 15-hour play time. The PDC also features a 2" backlit TFT screen. After fiddling around with the games for an hour or so, NCS consensus: Decent collection but some of the games are unabashed copies (read: rip offs of established games) while others would fit in some public domain game CD. There's a Loderunner clone with penguins and a near 1:1 copy of Taito's Puzzloop.

   NCS does not plan on stocking the PDC at the current price of Y6300 but if vendors in Japan drop prices by 30% as we expect, we'll bring them in and offer them for sale.


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A thick and greasy d-pad serves as the method of control and a simple switch toggles the unit on.

Two buttons and a Menu button for a quick exit back to the main menu. The three little connected holes below the "a" button allow sound to issue from the speakers.

A composite AV cable is included with every PDC to output video and mono audio to a television.

A simple menu system allows access to all of the games.


Puzzloop clonage.

Match the same fruits on each side of the playboard.

Spot the differences in the second photo against the first one.

Push crates to the designated areas (blue square placeholders).


Bomberman clone featuring Halloween themes.

Side scrolling beat 'em up which plays horribly.

Pig hero throws out bouncing ice chunks to temporarily freeze snails. 

Guide a robotic horse around and eat fruit while avoiding enemies.

Side scrolling shooter which rips Parodius characters and sprites.

Plays a lot like Space Invaders.

Shoot at enemies which appear in the horizon before they bomb your fighter. 

Shameless Columns clone.

Drop down through 100 platforms that rise up.

Strategy game where boat dodges and destroys approaching craft.


Somewhat enjoyable Arkanoid clone with the same power-ups.

Penguin Loderunner...

Nintendogs Dog interaction simulation

Poor recreation of Super Hang On.... and so on and so forth.
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