MOTD Hyper Hobby Vol. 11 [Nov 1998] allgone

Cover: Harry Stamper and A.J. Frost
p4-6 Christmas is near so HH checks out a new Jack Skellington figure where the skeleton wears a tan pajama ensemble.
p7-9 Christmas-themed toys continue with a Gizmo Santa plush and James and the Giant Peach plush toys for Centipede, Grasshopper, and James.
p14-15 Hyper Chogokin feature with images of prototype figures with photos of the component robot pieces and sections in unpainted state.
p20-23 Armageddon movie tribute and images of the toys inspired by the cinematic blockbuster. In addition to the A.J. Frost and Harry Stamper figures, there's a space shuttle toy and mission dioramas. Sadly, there's no Rockhound or Dan Truman figures.
p24-25 Lost in Space toy figure exhibit and movie info.
p30 Check out the collection of toys based on the Antz movie.
p36-39 Micro-Man toy feature with snapshots of heroes and enemies.
p59-74 Roundup of recent gashapon, trading figures, and candy toys including looks at early Pokemon figures, Godzilla toys, and Namco hero capsule toys which include Namco Museum and Soul Calibur inspired figures.
p91-109 Hyper Chaser toy preview which checks out Nightmare Before Christmas figures, E.T. plush, Ultraman, Kinnikuman, Star Wars, etc.


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Summary of the Week
Monday NEWS Final Fantasy XII Play Arts, Release outlook for the week, Columbus Day  SOTD PC-Engine RFU 
Tuesday NEWS Japanese import schedule updated, Animal Crossing Bottle Strap, Front Mission Trading Arts Plus Stage 2, Leona Morimoto Polystone statue, Super Robot Wars Huckebein Boxer
Wednesday NEWS PS2 Silver Re-Design, Preorder updates for PS3 software and accessories, Super Mario Bros card storage solutions, Disney Key Holder, Pokemon Touch Pens  SOTD DDR Gameboy
Thursday GBA Final Fantasy V  PS2 Bleach Blade Battles, Neverland Reportage, The Taxi 2  PSP Princess Maker 4
Friday NDS KuruKuru Chameleon, Mascot Pen DS Lite, Mascot Pen Nobiru  PS2 The Toubou Prisoner 
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