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NCS Game Synopsis
NCSX Guitars generally have a pear-shaped body, a long neck, and head stock. Thanks to clever programming and a simple control mechanism, software developer Plato redesigns the acoustic guitar and puts it inside the squatness of the Nintendo DS.

   Meet the strangest axe ever in the annals of guitar technology. With 16 chords to use at any time from a library of 120, users may strum out a song relatively easily if you're familiar with basic guitar playing. We were able to play the Main Riff I for "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman and "Torn" from Natalie Imbruglia this morning by following guitar tabs found on the web. In addition to its function as a guitar, the software also includes a library of 20 songs and a listening-then-repeating exercise.



NCS Game Notes
Some basic guitar handling skills are recommended before using the software since it's not a trainer nor a tutorial. Additionally, Hiite Utaeru DS won't teach you the sweep-picking skills required to play the breathtaking "Canon Rock" as masterfully as JerryC or funtwo. What the software does provide is a way to practice playing chords on a guitar and progress between them. Once you've learned how to do it on the NDS, go and practice some more on your Ibanez JEM777.

The software is invaluable if you're on the road and a jingle pops into your head but a guitar is nowhere to be found. Since you don't have a guitar on hand, you can simply pop out the NDS and listen to how it would sound by playing the jingle on the DS. 

When playing, 16 chords are available - there's eight shown on the top screen and another eight when you press either the L or R trigger. The chords are as follows starting on the upper left and rolling clockwise:


To change the chord sets, hit the L or R trigger and the eight boxes change to:


On the touch screen, a thick crop of vertical lines represent the guitar string. It's pasted against a black background so that the focus is the line itself. To play, strum the line with your touch pen or finger and you'll hear a twang. Change chords with the D-pad by moving it in the direction of the chords shown on the top screen and the tone of the twang changes every time you move the D-pad to another chord. Once you've acquainted yourself with the different chords and how they sound, you can take that newfound expertise to your own guitar playing practice and experimentation.

There's an option to tune your guitar and go through all of the musical chords to listen to how they sound after you've tuned them up.

Press START at any time to go to the main menu or tap on the HOUSE icon on the touch screen.

The following options icons are available on the main menu:

MUSIC PLAYER: Listen to 20 songs which last about two minutes each. When listening, you'll notice that the guitar playing is pronounced. You can fast forward or rewind to any point of the music by tapping on the music progress bat. When a song is highlighted, the chords used are shown on the top screen but when the song plays, only the title of the song is shown. Once you've listened to a song, you can choose to replay it by following the chords on the top screen while the bottom screen shows the chords on a virtual D-pad along with the thick guitar string.

SCREEN COLOR: Change the background color of the top screen to any one of 10 colors.

CHORD TEST: Listen to five chords played in sequence and then repeat those five chords by strumming them on the touch screen. Players may test themselves on Major chords as well as Minor chords. Five blocks on the bottom of the screen keep track of your accuracy. If you botch a progression, the first box will fill in with red color. Botch five cues and you're toast.
CHORD ARRANGEMENT: Two chords sets are shown on the touch screen with 8 chords contained in each set. Play the chords by simply tapping on each one. You can drag and drop the chords into different positions as you see fit to create your own custom chord patterns.

CUSTOMIZE SETTINGS: This section is broken up into five areas which are selectable from the top row of icons on the touch screen. They are:

▪ Picking Style - DOWN UP for left handed players and DOWN UP for right handed players.

▪ Volume Settings for three quadrants of the guitar string.

▪ Power Chords - drag and drop a blue area for three quadrants of the guitar screen to designate the strum area for power chords.

▪ String Color - Two colors are available at the outset - black & white and red & white. An additional eight colors may be unlocked.

▪ Control Selection - Set either the D-pad or the face buttons as the chord selection mechanism. If you're right handed, toggle the D-pad as the method of choice.

REVERB: Turn the reverb setting on or off by choosing the level on a virtual dial which goes from zero to high. To listen to the setting, simply tap anywhere on the white circle

The six options listed above are all represented by the icons on the main menu. There are four additional text based options located on the bottom of the menu screen as follows:

LiveMode - Toggle navigation buttons on the upper-right and upper-left on/off
Headphone - Toggle soft or loud volume output on connected headphones
Tuning - Adjust guitar chords (detune) from -50 to +50 for new voicings
Free Play - Play chords and strum along as much as your heart desires

   This document is NCSX 2007. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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