NDS Super Robot Wars W - New Import, Partial Shipment

NCS Game Synopsis
«©NCS» Banpresto's mightiest franchise reaches the Nintendo DS this week with a new edition powered by stylus poking action. Squads of squat robots are marshaled and mobilized on the touch screen where they attack enemy units in cut▪scene fighting sequences. The overall game is very dynamic with quick cut animations and interactive sequences. To move around on the map, tap and drag on the touch screen to check out the quadrants. From there, commands are simple to execute with the stylus to ignite attacks against enemy units. New series robots featured in the game include Detonator Orgun, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed X Astray, Tekkaman Blade II, Hundred Beasts King GoLion (Voltron), and more. Series characters and robots that make a return to the SRW fold include Gundam Seed, GaoGaiGar, Getter Robo G, Nadesico, and many more.

   Please Note: Our shipment of SRW W was split into two portions and the remainder will arrive tomorrow.


NCS Game Notes
» At the outset of the game load up, the camera pans slowly downwards until it takes in the planet Earth with the sun hitting it from the east. Tap on the screen and three options pop up:

New Game

» Start a NEW GAME and a planet appears followed by scrolling text that sets up the storyline. To speed up the text crawl, tap and hold on the touch screen and it'll move upwards at double velocity. It's a long and detailed story that'll scroll by for a few minutes. Furthermore, the scrolling text cannot be skipped.

» The protagonist in the game is a brown▪haired lad with feathered hair who sports a bandage on his left cheek, just below his eye. Your first job is to give him a name in kana or English. We named him "VIX" in honor of the volatility index rising 64% yesterday. After that, his ship needs a name too. We dubbed it, "MArmstrong" as a nod to Martin A. Armstrong who pegged yesterday's market trend change to the day in 1999. The second ship we knighted, "NikkeiDown" because the ^N225 got crushed last night. The name entry may be input entirely through the stylus.

» The game may be played by only using the stylus. The first battle after the opening sequence pits the player's two ships against five attackers. After a bit of dialogue between the two sides, it's time to tap and drag to move the ships and launch attacks against the enemy ships. To move, tap on one of your ships and lighted grids will appear around it which indicate the range of movement available. Tap on the square to move to and the ship will shuffle over. Two of the enemy attackers in this stage can fire off beautifully animated missiles with vapor trails that dance around the screen in zig-zag fashion.  

» The battle animations are entertaining to watch with power▪up moves, team▪up attacks, combo attacks, and rushing dashes where a bot hits a robot and then comes back in for a double blow. Once the attacker is done, the defender counterattacks. Gundam Wing's attack is particularly dramatic where he flies up into the screen while feathers float around before dashing downwards with a powerful killing stroke.

» The animation properties featured in the game are
▪ Detonator Orgun
▪ Fullmetal Panic: Second Raid
▪ GaoGaiGar
▪ GaoGaiGar Final
▪ Getter Robo G
▪ Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
▪ Gundam Seed
▪ Gundam Seed Astray
▪ Gundam Seed X Astray
▪ Hundred King Beasts GoLion
▪ Martian Successor Nadesico
▪ Martian Successor Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness▪ Mazinkaiser
▪ Mazinkaiser: Shitou! Ankoku Daishogun
▪ Shin Getter Robo
▪ Tekkaman Blade I
▪ Tekkaman Blade II

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