TOYS Super Mario DX Sofubi Figure 2 - New Import, ALL GONE

Mario and Goomba, together again

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCS» Banpresto releases a pair of delightful Mario Bros vinyl figures which feature smooth lines and accurate video game to toy product dimensions - both figures look exactly like their digital counterparts. The gentleman on the left is Mario while the monster on the right is Goomba. Mario measures 22cm or 8.66" tall while Goomba clocks in at 18cm or 7.08" squat.

   Mario's arms may be positioned in different poses and we found a few uses for the figure as shown in our photo gallery this morning. Goomba doesn't have any movable parts but since he's one of Mario's enemies in the legendary SMB game series, we're guessing he had to make an appearance to provide some adversity. Photo comments are listed below.

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The sculpt is perfect and Mario's clothing details are recreated nicely

That bulbous nose, those crossed-eyes, and the mustache...

These are the facial features that brought Princess Peach to her knees

A close-up of Mario's left ear which isn't Dumbo-like but it's still pretty big


Although the sculpt is perfect, the paint on the buttons isn't exactly perfect

Looks like Buster Brown shoes, with the emphasis on the Buster

Note to self: This is how a plumber should look from the back - a lack of crack

Pieces of chocolate nougat seemingly protrude from the back of Mario's brown hair

A close-up of the dumpy red hat that Mario is almost never seen without

Mario can be used as a keyholder - push his arms back for balance

Prop one arm up and Mario instantly serves as a camera cradle

Throw both arms up and Mario holds a screwdriver - the possibilities are endless

Goomba shares the cross-eyed facial expression with Mario but the brows are thinner

Note that the two also share Buster Browns


Gaze upon the visage of a monster

In the immortal words of Rodney, "Can't we all just get along?"
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