TOYS Mario Hat Cushions - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCS» Late last year, NCS started preorders for Mario and Luigi Hats but the manufacturer neglected to mention that the "Hats" would actually be cushions shaped like hats. As in, they're not really wearable. Due to the error, NCS has contacted every customer who preordered the Mario Hats to reconfirm their orders. We're guessing most people won't want them if they're not wearable but they could sort of turn into hats if you attach a chin-strap with alligator clips and don't mind looking like there's a Mario or Luigi Cushion sitting on top of your noggin like a big loaf of bread.

The Mario Hat Cushion measures 35cm or 13.77" across which makes it oversized and exaggerated. Re-confirmed preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome.

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Hi, I'm a Luigi Hat Cushion. NCS has a few hundred units of my brethren in stock.

I'm not a hat. I'm a cushion. Try to plop me on top of your head and I'll fly off

Hola! I'm a Mario Hat Cushion. I'll haunt NCS' warehouse for the next decade...

...because our numbers are legion...

Both hat cushions can be used as props as the following pictures testify


A Luigi Hat Cushion-wearing pimp. Green doesn't really match his complexion.

The red Mario Hat Cushion suits him much better. Matches his rosy cheeks. 

Sofubi Mario dons a Luigi Hat Cushion. Green really isn't his color either.


Sofubi Mario dons a Mario Hat Cushion. Fear him.
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