TOYS Bomberman Bakuhatsu Plush - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCS» The Japanese word "Bakuhatsu" means "Explode" and that's what Bomberman's bombs do. To capitalize on the decades old Bomberman craze, Banpresto unleashes a plush bomb which sports a lit fuse on top and a sound emitting mechanism inside. When the sound device is smacked and triggered by pounding on the Bomberman plush, two sounds roar forth from the innards of the toy which are meant to recreate explosive video game aurals from yesteryear.

   In the original manufacturer product solicitation from late 2006, the flyer mentions that each plush makes two sounds: "BOOMB!" and "POM!" which are lovingly sampled from the Bomberman games. We listened to the sound effects and the first one sounds like the effect when Bomberman drops a bomb in the confines of a maze. The second effect sounds like a burning fuse which leads to a rocking explosion.

   Each bomb plush measures approximately 8" or 20cm in diameter and is squeezably soft.  This is one bomb that won't land with a thud when thrown.
The fuse on top of the bomb measures 3" or 7.62cm in height. Two color variants are on offer and all preorders have shipped as of yesterday. New orders are welcome to ship today.

Video Demonstration
We'll upload two videos of the Bomberman Bakuhatsu plushes to Youtube later today which shows the sensitivity of the sound module and the two sound effects that issue forth from it. The videos will be pasted directly below.

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The plush Bomberman bombs are about the size of a bowling ball


A close-up of the fuse on top of the bomb and the stalk that holds it up

A velcro enclosed flap on the back holds the sensitive sound module

Despite the technology available nowadays, the module only hold two effects

A close-up of the black bomb. The Bomberman logo patch is stitched on securely


A close-up of the red bomb plush. We prefer this one because it's so rosy

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