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NCS Game Synopsis
«©NCS» Back in the late 70s, Atari came up with the trakball controller for a little game called Football which represented the players with Xs and Os. As the video game market exploded in the 80s, the trakball was used on games such as Missile Command, Centipede, and Millipede. The trakball was essentially a big marble mounted in a receptacle with rollers underneath which mapped its X and Y position. For example, to move the cursor in Missile Command, players rolled the trakball with their palm(s) to target incoming missiles.
  The Slide Adventure: Mag Kid game includes a special controller that's similar to the trakball but in reverse. Instead of rolling it with your palm, you roll the controller on a flat surface to move a creature known as Mag Kid. The Slide Controller plugs into the GBA cartridge port of the NDS or NDS-Lite and once affixed, players roll the NDS and Slide Controller together. Mag Kid is a little spherical beast who's special ability is magnetism which attracts metallic objects onto its body so that they're linked and pulled when moving.

   As the story goes, Mag Kid's job is to reassemble a wrecked  primitive-looking robot that's been busted apart. Wander around a contemporary home to find all of the robot's parts and assemble them back together again. Enemies scattered inside the house will attempt to derail Mag Kid's salvage operations but the little hero has a dashing attack and the ability to take on the nature of its defeated enemies to wield new attack abilities.

   A total of 12 mini-games may be played in addition to the Mag Kid action and a wireless function allows up to four players to enjoy a fierce magnetism-powered contest. Please note that multi-player games require that all gamers have their own copies of Slide Adventure. There is no game sharing function with only one copy of the game.

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NCS Game Notes
To attack enemy creatures with a rush 'n attack move, shove the NDS quickly in the direction of the enemy to mount an assault.

When attacked by an enemy, move the NDS+Slide Controller in a circular motion to help Mag Kid recover. 

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