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PSP Crisis Core PSP Bundle JPN

Preorder Import: US$409.00/each

Crisis Core FFVII flipside

 PSP Crisis Core: FFVII PSP Bundle - Confirmed Stock
«©NCS» After a couple of weeks of managing expectations and confirming and re-confirming our preorder numbers, our Japanese suppliers were able to finalize our preorder quantities for the Crisis Core: FFVII PSP Bundle last night. First, the good news is that we'll be able to stock 750 pieces of the FFVII PSP Bundle which is enough to fill all of our preorder requests received thus far.

   The bad news is the pricing is higher than the retail price in Japan at US$409 per CCFFVII bundle. As such, we are opening up preorders on our shop today but please note the following conditions.

» If you submit your preorder today, you are locking in the price of the Crisis Core PSP Bundle at US$409 + shipping. Your order is also guaranteed without fear of an unexpected shortage at the last minute.

» If you submit your preorder today, you will be charged a non-refundable US$50 deposit today. We're instituting this condition in an attempt to weed out the non-serious buyers which have been a problem in the past. We're bringing in a lot of stock and need accurate numbers. Please do not submit your preorder if you're not sure of the purchase. We don't want you to lose $50 because of buyer's remorse.

» Preorders are expected to ship on or around September 13, 2007 pending normal customs clearance for large hardware shipments weighing about a ton.

   So, in a nutshell, NCS will be able to supply a large quantity of the Crisis Core FFVII Bundles at US$409 on or around September 13. New preorders are welcome today as well.



MAG Famitsu Wave DVD JPN

New Import: US$18.50/each

 MAG Famitsu Wave DVD September 2007 - New Import
«©NCS» The September 2007 issue of Famitsu Wave features video and magazine coverage of the following software titles:

» Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories / PSP
» Fate Tiger Colosseum / PSP  
» Dewy's Adventure / Wii
» Goku Makaimura Kai / PSP 
» Gyakuten Saiban 3 Best Price! / NDS
» Onsei Kanjou Sokuteiki: Kokoro Scan / NDS
» Dragoneer's Aria / PSP
» The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion / X360 and PS3
» Musou Orochi / PS2

   and the usual assortment of live action features, game challenges, game tests, and general interest coverage.

JYU6 5 Long 0.9 0.897 0.0030 1875.00 14025.00 9000.00Samurai S

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