TOYS Final Fantasy IV Trading Arts Mini - Partial Arrival
NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCS» When you're a fan of the Final Fantasy games, there's a lot of deja vu in your life. Square Enix has a penchant for re-releasing, rehashing, and repackaging their library of Final Fantasies with aplomb. It's like they know the market is going to eat up whatever they serve as long as those two magic words are somewhere on the packaging: Final. Fantasy.

   Ready for another meal? Good, because the first batch of the Final Fantasy IV Trading Arts Mini collection arrived today. Six recognizable characters are featured in the set including the ebon-armored Cain Highwood, the gruff Cid Pollendina, and the strangely effeminate Cecil Harvey.

   Each figure measures approximately 6cm tall and is fixed posed. Please note that each factory case contains nine blind-boxed figures but we're assured by the Japanese supplier that each case contains at least 1 full set and three duplicates.

The six standard characters featured in the collection are:

Cain Highwind
Cecil Harvey
Cid Pollendina
Rosa Farrell

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