TOYS Elite Banana Banao Massager - New Import, In Stock
NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Work the kinks out of aching muscles with Banpresto's battery-powered Elite Banana Banao Massager which is shaped like a pudgy... banana. Painted yellow and imbued with simple facial features, the massager will relieve tension, release stress, and impart other forms of muscle-soothing magic thanks to its energetic vibrating energy. The massager runs on a single "AA" battery and we found it to be quite vigorous when powered up. Two types are available:

A = Elite Banana with Tie
B = Elite Banana - Plain

   All preorders have shipped as of last Friday and new orders are welcome to ship today. Pricing is set at US$19.90 from NCS.

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Each massager is packaged in a plastic tray

An ON/OFF switch in the back activates the vibrations from within the massager

A single AA battery is all that's needed to power the banana


Product placement is another way to advertise on the web

We show the packaging of the Banana Massager here

A banana appears to be enjoying the spa in this packaging panel

Japanese operation sheet which explains the uses of the massager

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