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GA-KO Alarm Clock Again - August 14, 2008
All backorders for the GA-KO Alarm Clock will ship today. Stock is available for new orders to ship this afternoon. With today's shipment, NCS expects to keep the GA-KO Alarm Clock in stock up until the holiday season.

NCS Product Update
on August 6, 2008 at 9:38AM EST
NCSX All preorders for the GA-KO Alarm Clock received prior to the timestamp listed above will ship tomorrow (August 7, 2008). Orders that are placed after the timestamp listed above will ship on or around August 13 when our third batch of GA-KO Alarm Clocks arrive. Thanks for reading.

NCS Product Update - August 01, 2008
NCSX All preorders for the limited edition GA-KO Alarm Clock have shipped as of yesterday afternoon. We try to avoid posting up lengthy daily updates which is why we're posting the GA-KO photo gallery today. The "duck clock" runs on a combination of two AAA batteries and one AA battery and the alarm function is somewhat trippy. Ducky's head swivels from side to side for an interesting visual when the alarm sounds off.

    Please note that we're sold out of the GA-KO Alarm Clock but we're expecting a second batch by next Wednesday or Thursday of next week to fill new orders that have been submitted in the past couple of days. Pricing remains at US$36.50.

NCS Product Synopsis
NCSX In the recent Metal Gear Solid 4 game, there's a scene where Naomi Hunter and Sunny Gurlukovich cook three sunny-side up eggs on a frying pan. The tender sequence is punctuated by a cooking timer in the shape of a no-nonsense duck. To get the cooking time for the eggs proper, Sunny sets the GA-KO Timer so that it'll shake and sing out "Gah-Gah" in a child's voice when the eggs are ready. Ducky is basically quacking in Japanese when it blurts out "Gah-Gah.".

   Konami brings the GA-KO Timer home this summer but the company transitions the product into a more useful GA-KO Alarm Clock which tells time and gets you out of your slumber with insistent "singing" sounds. When the duck is mouthing off, its head will also shake from side to side as if it's saying "no" but he really means "yes." As in, "Yes, get up already and go to school/work/play." Note that the duck's wings are on its hips which means you better get up when the alarm sounds off.

   The product measurements are H:160mm x W:102mm x D:107mm and the clock runs on two AAA batteries and one AA battery. The two AAA batteries go into the exposed slots on the bottom of the clock while the AA battery goes into the center slot that is hidden by the removable plastic cover. The clock is constructed of ABS but the timepiece face cover is polycarbonate. The GA-KO Clock is limited to only 2000 units.

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