TOYS Shooting Game Historica Vol. 2 - New Import, In Stock

 Overview - Grouping of Ships Gallery - All six ships in group photos

NCS Product Synopsis - Updated on August 14, 2008 
Japanese toy manufacturer Yujin launches the second volume of Shooting Game Historica gashapon which features starships from another six shooting games as follows:

Fantasy Zone - Opa Opa
Musha Aleste - M.U.S.H.A. (Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid Armor)
R-Type III - R-90 Ragnarok
Raystorm - R-Gray1
Star Luster - Gaia
Star Blade - Geo Sword

Three Photo Galleries Uploaded Today
Due to the amount of photos, we're splitting them up into three separate galleries to ease the load on our server.

Overview - Grouping of Ships Gallery - All six ships in group photos
Detailed - Individual Ships Gallery - Geo Sword, G.A.I.A., M.U.S.H.A.
Detailed - Individual Ships Gallery - Opa Opa, R-90 Ragnarok, R-Gray1

   Since Yujin appears to be releasing the ships in some sort of chronological order, we might not see the Judge Spear or the Silvergun until SGH Vol. 4. The toys are normally sold randomly in Japan inside gashapon machines but we're gathering together all six ships into a complete set so our customers can collect them all without having to suffer the pain and annoyance of unwanted duplicates.

Construction and Paint Quality of the Ships (in no particular order)
1) The Opa Opa is one solid block of PVC with two wings that bolt onto its sides. It's a solid interpretation but the red paint on the top of the toy which borders the yellow border is slightly chipped. We're going to touch up our Opa Opa with a bit of matching paint so the little chips are gone.    

2) The nose cone of our Geo Sword was slightly bent to the left (which you'll notice in our photos) but we think it adds character to the ship. All the parts fit together snugly and the paint is good although we do see some slight bleeding from the red band on top of the ship.

3) We have no complaints about the Star Luster ship. It's well constructed and the overall quality is as good as we can expect given the price. The "USGF" lettering on the side of the ship is sharp and the canopy offers a view into the pilot's chair.

4) The design of the R-Gray1 is amazing and it's doubly amazing that Yujin's creative staff was able to create such an intricate toy at gashapon prices. Whenever we open up the "NCS Shmup Museum," this will be one of the centerpieces. On a lit pedestal. Under bulletproof glass.

5) Drab gray coloring makes the R-90 Ragnarok appear... drab. This is the second most complicated ship in the collection with two orbiting Bits and a big Shadow Force weapon all mounted on the circular pedestal. Despite the drab color, the Ragnarok looks great and is very detailed with ailerons, four thrusters, and a transparent blue canopy at the fore.

6) M.U.S.H.A. from Musha Aleste was a surprise yesterday when we received our shipments. We didn't expect it to be included and M.U.S.H.A. is the most complicated toy in Historica Vol. 2. It also towers above all of the other ships from both Historica sets. The construction quality is very good although the"back-pack" part isn't as snug as we would have liked. The coloring is mostly bleed-free - if you look at the chest of M.U.S.H.A., the red trim isn't perfect so we're going to touch that up on our toy.

NCS Preorder Notification
   Most preorders have shipped yesterday but please note that we contacted customers by email to notify everyone of the unexpected sixth "Musha Aleste" robot which was not included in our preorder offer. If you have a Hotmail or Yahoo email address, please check your Junk-Mail or Deleted Items folder for our email.

Japanese Import Product
The Shooting Game Historica Vol. 2 gashapon toy is a Japanese product that is not available in USA stores. 
Product Condition
The Shooting Historica Gashapon Vol. 2 toy is a new and authentic Japanese product. NCS only stocks original and official products from authorized dealers in Japan, Hong Kong, and the United States.

NCS Shooting Historica
We've loved shooters ever since the days of Asteroids. When R-Type was first released in arcades, it was like a little slice of nirvana inside a coin-op cab for the entry fee of two-bits. As the years progressed and shooters scaled ever higher in scope and dimension, we nevertheless yearned for the old school shooters such as the aforementioned R-Type and games such as Xexex, Darius, Mr. Heli, and Scramble Spirits. Yujin's Shooting Game Historica collection gives us a chance to appreciate the ships from the shooters that we've played since we were punk kids. NCS is keeping a couple of bags of Historica toys in our private collection just in case we do open up a shmup museum one of these days. If Yujin eventually releases 5 or 6 more Historica collections, we'll have an armada of toy ships on display for shmup fans to stare at. 

Price Change
Fuel surcharges were assessed on our shipment of this product and NCS is raising the price for new orders to US$26.90 from $25.00. If you preordered or submitted a new order for the toys prior to August 14, 2008, we will honor the original price of US$25.00 for the complete set of six.

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View the Detailed - Individual Ships Gallery Opa Opa, R-90 Ragnarok, R-Gray1
View the Detailed - Individual Ships Gallery Geo Sword, G.A.I.A., M.U.S.H.A.


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