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NCS Game Synopsis
NCSX The vampire-killing Belmont family is on hiatus but that doesn't mean Dracula and company can relax. A new order is on the prowl and working overtime to keep the vampire hordes from running rampant. The Order of Ecclesia has taken up the duty of corralling Dracula and their agent of destruction is a young woman named Shanoa.
    The new Akumajou (aka Castlevania) game introduces the Glyph System where Shanoa uses the mystical sigils to create a rapier, a throwing dagger, or more exotic armaments. Every weapon that's made from a glyph uses magic power and Shanoa will have to watch her use of certain weapons lest they consume her available MP at a rapid pace just as the undead are pressing the attack. 

   At the outset of the game, we learn that Shanoa has been chosen by Barlowe, the head of the Order of Ecclesia, to take into her body a weapon called the Dominus. Her compatriot Albus is however outraged that their master has broken his promise to him that he would wield the Dominus. During Shanoa's integration ceremony, Albus disrupts the proceedings and takes the weapon. Later, Shanoa recovers from her wounds but has suffered a loss of memory. Master sends her on a mission to find Albus and recover the Dominus. He tells her that only she can use the weapon but Albus may find a way to use it himself...

   Shanoa's a dashing heroine who obtains the Confodore (rapier) Sigil at the outset of the game. By pressing the "X" and "Y" buttons, she can chain together attacks to vanquish skeletons and screaming banshees. A stronger attack called a Glyph Union can be meted out by pressing up on the D-pad along with both "X" and "Y" buttons together but such a move consumes HP instead of MP. Later on, she'll gain the Magnes Glyphl which gives her the ability to adhere to metallic tether points in order to scale heights.

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