Wii Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes Double Pack - New, In Stock

NCS Game Synopsis 
NCSX Continuing their recent spate of twofers, Capcom bundles together two Sengoku Basara games for the Wii at the reasonable price of JPY3800 or US$40.90 from NCS:

Sengoku Basara 2
During the Sengoku era of Japan's history, warring states set the stage for constant episodes of war and unrelenting bloodshed. As a general serving a clan, players lead troops into battle and clash with the opposing forces of another clan in fast-paced slashing action.

Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes
The Warring States are never ending in the minds of men and game publishers who base their action-packed games on that fractious period of Japanese history. Capcom's Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes takes players back into a time when warlords ruled the land and sought to topple each other by way of force and the drumbeat of war. A total of 30 warlords are featured in the game along with 64 stages of blistering action split into six game modes including Heroes Story, Gaiden Story, and Basara Tournament where fighters engage in one-on-one bouts. 

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Sengoku Basara 2
NCSX During the Sengoku era of Japan's history, warring states set the stage for constant episodes of war and unrelenting bloodshed. As a general serving a clan, players lead troops into battle and clash with the opposing forces of another clan. In our first game this morning, NCS chose the blonde ninja named Kasuga who attacks with a set of kunai clenched between her fingers. She slashes and cleaves entire groups of enemy soldiers into ribbons and has with a twirling attack which blows back groups of foes. Kasuga may also perform a move where she jumps up and showers down rigid strands of pink wire which chops up everyone within range. When the blonde ninja needs to travel a wide expanse, press twice on the jump button and a white bird magically appears to loft her over the battlefield and into range of an enemy contingent.

Each mission begins at one end of a map and the goal is to travel to the other end and confront the enemy leader in a climactic battle. Each hero is accompanied by at least one comrade who travels with him or her and provides backup muscle. While traveling through a level, containers and urns may be broken open to uncover power-ups to recover health and special items that are tallied at the end of every level.

NCS Game Notes & Spoilers
In the intro to the game, Maeda Keiji drinks from a red bowl as he sits on a roof while cherry blossoms fall. In the next scene, a blue-armored rider named Date Masamune rushes through a battlefield on a horse while cutting all of the soldiers before breaking through a wooden watchtower with both sword arms outstretched. Sanada Yukimura spins and battles enemy soldiers and faces off against Date Masamune who attacks with a vengeance. Maeda Keiji joins the battle and blows both heroes away with a rippling attack that breaks up the ground. A stream of arrows or a quick sword flies through the air and two other heroes pose in the distance - Takenaka Hanbei and Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Storm clouds gather behind them and Toyotomi starts bristling with fiery power. Later, Maeda Keiji flies through the cosmos destroying asteroids in outer space with a blazing sword. That's believable. The other heroes also fly through the heavens and Toyotom faces off against heroes as flames erupt around him. Soon afterwards, the title screen appears. The theme song is "Dive into Yourself" by High and Mighty Color.

There's a large amount of fighters featured in the game. You can view all of them in action if you leave the game at the title screen alone and don't touch anything. A cinema will play which shows off every fighters in quick cut sequences as they battle foes and blow out magical attacks. One girl pumps her weapon with her foot and enemies explode in the distance.

In the option menu, players may select vibration on/off, audio type, volume levels, and set the controller configuration. To reset the controller button to default, press the START button.

A Gallery Mode features an image of the character on the left and a voice sampler on the right. Select a character out of the first seven available fighters and then listen to various sayings that they utter. To change characters while in the gallery mode, push the L or R trigger. Every character has 30 sayings to listen to.

Other items in the Gallery Mode:

● Movie gallery - at the outset, the intro and 2 demo movies are viewable but 46 movies in total are viewable eventually as you unlock them in the game.

● Soundtrack player - listen to BGM - three are available at the outset but 60 total are eventually available once unlocked.

● Historical primer on the Sengoku era with pages of text to flip through - there are 25 selections in total and all are unlocked at the outset.

● Ranking list - blank at the beginning because no one's played the game yet

● Image gallery - pictures are hidden behind open hand fans and must be unlocked.

Seven characters are playable at the outset as follows:

● Sanada Yukimura
● Oda Nobunaga
● Kasuga
● Chousokabe Motochika
● Toyotomi Hideyoshi
● Date Masamune
● Maeda Keiji

There's a VS mission mode where you choose a fighter and battle against another fighter in a 3D battlefield. Before getting to the fighter however, you run through his domain and destroy his troops. There's a certain satisfaction to plunge deep into a crowd of enemy soldiers and decimate their ranks by slashing a few times.

Enemy soldiers can hunker down and hide behind wooden shields but they're easily splintered and destroyed, leaving the soldiers behind them sword fodder.

When enemies surrender, they'll lie down or crouch downwards face forwards and assume a docile position. They'll still grip their swords however which may signal the wrong intention to a brutish attacker. We left them alone since they had surrendered and NCS aren't complete animals. While docile, enemies will also run forward and wail like a hyena as they stumble in fear of your mighty sword.

Some enemies are brutes who carry massive timber weapons with a mace on top which they bash downwards. When you slash away at them, they'll spin and stumble as they die and eventually fall down.

When fighting a boss, attacking him sequentially and not letting up with chain the attacks together and dizzy him so that he can't counterattack.

When bosses and sub-bosses enter the fray, a short cinema shows their entry into the battlefield.

Soldiers don't fight back in the early levels. There were times when we slashed hundreds of soldiers in the thick of the battle but not one soldier raised a sword or fought back. They just sort of stood there, ineffectual as they raised their swords in front of their faces as if shy and timid. We want bloodthirsty enemies slashing away with wild abandon when they sight us. When a soldier later does connect and knocks hero down and soldiers are all standing around him, they don't stab away like a pig roast. They just stand there, waiting for the hero to rise up again. In later levels, the enemies present more of a challenge where giant enemy soldiers and formidable swordsmen join the ranks of the foot soldiers. The giants have thick hides and powerful sword strokes that send a hero flying if they connect.

The first option in the game is Story Mode where you choose one of the seven characters and enjoy a unique character-oriented tale. If you choose the blonde ninja Kasuga, she starts off while standing on a tree branch. A bullet time sequence commences where flying stars approach and she bends backwards to avoid them. Later she creeps up on the ninja that threw them and camera cuts away but the scream of the ninja is heard as she presumably slashes someone's throat. After the intro, a voice over explains the situation with her and her situation during the Warring States or Sengoku era of Japan's history. She then runs off on missions against various generals, heroes, and their contingents of enemies.

In some levels, a soldier with a horn can be seen and heard blowing it to call for reinforcements which appear in the blink of an eye.

In one level, the mid-level bosses are a pair of gold statues on tank treads who shoot out a continual supply of their arms. They'll perform some tai-chi moves and then shoot off arms as projectiles at the player and cohorts. When defeated, the parts of the tank fall apart as limbs and body segments blow up in a slow rumbling of fire and smoke. The boss at the end of this level gives out gold coins in the middle of the fight to regain health and curry favor from subjects.

The battlefields are a varied lot that's miles more interesting than the plain old battlefields of the Sengoku Musou games that were basically flat. In Sengoku Basara 2, players will scale buildings and stairs to reach the top, run across wooden logs tied together on a convoluted walkway to the goal, and hilly fields where a far away distance cannot be seen until scaled. Along with running up stairs, there's also running down stairs.

A sub-boss in the game splits himself into multiple copies of himself and battles the hero like a gang. He's fairly formidable but equal parts defense and offense conquers him. A battle against Kasuga played by a skilled player becomes a ballet of strikes and parries as the enemy clones solidify to attack and then blink away to evade attacks. Kasuga twirls, attacks, and lets loose with light attacks where wires are planted on the ground. The master of the level is an old guy who attacks with a ice spear. If he manages to stick it into the ground in front of your hero, big crystal ice shards grow out of the ground and cause damage. After the attack, watch as he struggles to pull it out of the ground. Although the boss appears with a contingent of soldiers - they do nothing to help him and it's basically a one-on-one battle. He's a patsy and his clone-bodyguards were more of a challenge. Defeating him consists of a few juggles where he's struck up and then attacked simultaneously. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Kasuga's special attack is one where she seemingly hyperspaces all around the enemy while attacking like an avenging banshee. The attack ends with a powerful forward thrust attack... which is useless if no one's standing in front of her however.

After each level, the spoils of war are tallied and level-up duties are performed.

Suicide bombers exist in Sengoku Basara 2. They carry a massive bomb on their backs with the fuses already lit. They'll run right into the hero and blow up to cause damage. To stop him, slash him down as he homes in on your position and he'll spin, fuse will go out, and he'll drop dead. We also spotted human armadillos. Sort of. They wear spiky armor and roll up into a ball and steam towards you.

Sengoku Basara 2 doesn't bring anything radically new to the Sengoku Musou hack 'n slash thousands upon thousands of soldiers genre. What it does bring is relatively exciting gameplay with enough twists and interesting sights to keep a jaded player going deep into the action. As the story unfolds, new enemies are added to the game along with tougher enemies bosses and tactics.

Conquest mode (second option) is where you select a fighter and then select enemies on a map to battle. A short cinema precedes the action where the enemy is shown and then the player has to fight his way through the ranks to reach the enemy captain. A map is shown on the upper right corner.

Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes
Update: November 29, 2007

NCSX The Warring States are never ending in the minds of men and game publishers who base their action-packed games on that fractious period of Japanese history. Capcom's Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes takes players back into a time when warlords ruled the land and sought to topple each other by way of force and the drumbeat of war. A total of 30 warlords are featured in the game along with 64 stages of blistering action split into six game modes as follows:

Heroes Story / Three characters and their war stories
Gaiden Story / Side stories of the Warring States
Heroes Conquest / Choose from 30 warlords and work to rule the land
Free Battle / Select a hero and battle an opposing warlord
Heroes Versus / Compete in 6 mini-games of fighting action
Basara Tournament / Fight enemy soldiers in an arena setting
Gallery / View hero profiles, watch cinemas, listen to music, etc

The Gallery also features a warlord background section with biography data and another section containing locale information. The Nintendo Wii version of Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes also includes the original Sengoku Basara 2 game.

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