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TOYS Stitch Digital TV JPN

Import Preorder: US$1150

SKU/JAN: 4951850121765

 TOYS Stitch Digital Hi-Vision 20" LCD HDTV - Import Preorder

NCSX Preorders are welcome for a Stitch-branded LCD High-Definition TV which is officially sanctioned by Disney for the Japanese market. The TV supports UHF, VHF, CATV, and Digital TV. The built-in speakers are 10W (5W/5W) and the aspect ratio is 16:9. Please note the manufacturer RANA has not listed what inputs the LCD supports but we're assuming D-Terminal, component RGB, S-Video, and composite. A matching blue remote is also included. Preorders are welcome to ship in May 2009 and pricing is set at JPY100,000 or US$1150 from NCS. Gallery


TOYS Dissidia Diecast Strap JPN

New Import: $23.90/ea

SKU/JAN: 4988601312219

 TOYS Dissidia Final Fantasy Strap + Diecast Plate - New Import

NCSX Are you leery of the lightweight mobile phone straps that lack gravitas? Do you want a strap that's more substantial?

Want no more.

   Square Enix releases a Dissidia Final Fantasy Strap which features a diecast metal plate that's been engraved with the Dissidia logo. Below the logo are the Roman numerals I through X which represent the ten canonical Final Fantasy games that have been released in the past couple of decades. 

TRC Juicy Honey Rookie 2009 JPN

Import Preorder: US$75.90

SKU/JAN: 4905040425164

 TRC Juicy Honey Rookie Edition 2009 - Import Preorder

NCSX A new trio of rookies are inducted into the Juicy Honey major leagues this spring when Mint releases the Rookie 2009 collection. The new girls featured in the upcoming card set are as follows (from the top of the promo sheet and going downwards):

Saori Hara
Sakura Cocomi
Miri Yaguchi

   Saori was a popular gravure model before her recent JAV debut (Saori Hara - Miracle AV Debut SOD Star) last month and we're guessing she'll garner a sizable fan base over the course of the next year or so. Saori's production studio is Soft On Demand (SOD) in case you're curious.

   Sakura made her debut in November 2008 in a movie which included a scene where she played a nurse and Miri debuted in a movie titled First Flower Hatsuhana Cutie Student which was released last month. Preorders for the Juicy Honey Rookie Edition 2009 are welcome to ship on or around May 23, 2009 at JPY6300 or US$75.90 per factory box of 12 packs.

TRC Aki Hoshino OCC JPN

Import Preorder: US$75.90

SKU/JAN: TBA (Pending)

 TRC Aki Hoshino Official Card Collection Twinkle - Import Preorder

NCSX Give it a few more years and Aki Hoshino's going to be one of the grand dames of the Japanese gravure trade. Aki's been around for a long time (as far as gravure models go) and all signs point to graceful aging as she keeps up her healthy eating regimen and regular massages. Aki was born on March 14, 1978 so she'll be 31 years old tomorrow.

   One of Ms Hoshino's new projects for 2009 is an Official Card Collection subtitled "Twinkle" from Sakurado which includes costume cards, bikini cards,
autograph cards, massage cards, and serially number photograph cards which are perfect for collecting, trading, and hoarding.

   Preorders are welcome to ship on or around May 30, 2009 at JPY525 (~US$6.00) per pack or JPY6300 per factory box which contains 12 packs of cards. The manufacturer Sakurado will also be selling a binder which holds the cards safely within its laminated card-insert pages at JPY1995 but please note that it's unlikely that NCS will stock the binder.

TOYS Uruoi Kuucan JPN

Import Preorder: US$42.90

SKU/JAN: 4904790510106

 TOYS Uruoi Kuucan Personal Humidifier - Import Preorder

NCSX During the winter, the heat from a radiator or other heating unit can make the air indoors rather arid. One solution to the dry air is a personal ultrasonic humidifier from Takara Tomy that's designed to look like a can of green tea beverage. The Uruoi Kuucan also serves up some aromatherapy to freshen up the local area atmosphere. Batteries are not required for operation since the humidifier plugs into any USB port.

   Preorders for the Uruoi Kuucan are welcome to ship in mid-late September 2009 at JPY3990 or US$42.90 from NCS.

PS3 Mortal Kombat EUR

Restock Import: US$66.90

SKU/EAN: 5037930110795

 NEWS General Updates 

PS3 Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe [Europe]
After a bit of trouble in trying to restock the European version of MK vs DCU last month, we have imported another batch to fill all backorders and any new orders today. Although Mortal Kombat is not region-protected, please note that the video output for the game requires an HD connection to play properly on USA televisions. If you only have a composite or S-Video connection, you'll need to do a little swap trick as described on our shop description for the game.  
Arkanoid Paddle Controller - Restock
All orders for the Arkanoid Paddle Controllers that we received yesterday will ship this afternoon. All four colors (Black, White, Silver, and Pink) are available and in stock. Please note that even though the USA versions of Arkanoid and Space Invaders Extreme don't list the paddle controller in the Options menu, both games do support the accessory. The upcoming Space Invaders Extreme 2 will also support the Paddle Controller.

ETC Final Fantasy X2 Calendar JPN

Sale Import: US$18.90/each

Jan Code: 4961012020263
 SOTD Final Fantasy X-2 Calendar (2003-2004) - Clearance
Original Update: April 1, 2003
With a bounty of FFX-2 merchandise and accessories already announced and/or shipping to market, Japanese manufacturer Cafereo adds to the truck with a new 2003 (April 2003 to March 2004) calendar plastered with pictures of the FFX-2 players. Spend an entire year with the girls of Final Fantasy X-2 by hanging this poster-page sized calendar (measuring 29.5 x 20.5") on your wall or in your hall.
   There are seven pages total - one cover sheet and six monthly pages in the calendar. After every two months, you'll have a new poster to look at as the year winds down. Since the pages of the calendar are poster quality, one may remove expired pages from the calendar and hang them separately to color your walls, ornately frame them or place the posters in hermetically sealed mylar for your FFX-2 shrine/archive.

Sale Offering : Pricing is set at US$18.90 per FFX-2 2003-2004 Calendar which includes free USPS Media Mail shipping anywhere in the contiguous USA. Media Mail normally delivers in 5-10 days. For our international customers, we will ship by USPS First Class Airmail flat rate at US$16.55.


Target FXP: $45

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