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TOYS Shooting Game SP3 JPN

Japanese Import: US$68.90

JAN Code: 4988601006095

In the Hunt Blue Variant

Soukyugurentai Red Regulation

 TOYS Shooting Game Historica 3 SP - Photo Gallery
NCS Product Synopsis
NCSX The third series of Shooting Game Historica gashapon toys celebrate a jetfighter, a tank, a submarine, and even a robot which can rest on 2 or 4 legs. The default ships featured in the new set are as follows:

Wolf Fang - Blue armored mech which carries a blaster rifle
Raiden - Sleek Raiden mk-II (Red) with movable boosters
Soukyugurentai - S.O.Q-004 Toryu with multiple movable parts
Kaitei Daisensou: In the Hunt - Squat submarine designed by Irem
Maneuver Cepter Granada - A blue tank with moxie and a gun turret
Star Soldier - The Ceaser which features a transformable cockpit

   Each of the six aforementioned ships is also accompanied by a color or style variant in each box of 12 toys as follows below:

Wolf Fang - Model variant with shoulder cannon and no shoulder struts
Raiden mk-IIb (Blue color variant)
Soukyugurentai - S.O.Q-004 (Blue color variant)
Kaitei Daisensou: In the Hunt (Blue color variant)
Maneuver Cepter Granada - Model variant with two additional parts
Star Soldier - Red trim color variant; the cockpit hatch is colored blue

   Every factory sealed box of Shooting Game Historica 3 SP toys contains all 12 ships listed above. Both versions of the Wolf Fang toy also include an additional pair of legs and a platform-pelvis to attach the legs to. The Wolf Fang figure may be detached at the torso area from his normal legs and then plugged into the platform-pelvis to create a spidery version of Wolf Fang that may be wheeled along like a little race car.

   Although the quality of the ships in SGH3 is good, NCS advises taking some precautions when fiddling around with the Soukyugurentai ships since the wing hatches are delicate. They also open only one way so take care to inspect our photos to see how the hatches should be oriented and opened. The other ships are pretty sturdy and unlikely to snap or crack under the weight of your fingers. NCS took about 200 photos of the toys over the weekend and we've culled roughly 70 pictures for our obligatory Shooting Game Historica 3 image gallery which shows all 12 ships.

MAG Weekly Famitsu Vol 1078 JPN

Annual Subscriptions

JAN Code: 4910264540890

 MAG Weekly Famitsu Vol. 1078 - Annual Subscriptions
NCS Product Synopsis [Famitsu Vol. 1078 single issue order]
NCSX The August 14 issue of Weekly Famitsu contains coverage of the following games and/or events in the Japanese market:

Famitsu takes a trip to Comic-Con International 2009.
Since Wii Monster Hunter 3-Tri is out, a lengthy game play article is included which offers details on the characters in the first village, the different control methods, and helpful information on playing the game.
Preview for Wii Forever Blue: Call of the Ocean. 
Famitsu's reviewers rank
NDS Bleach DS 4th: Flame Bringer (8/8/7/8), NDS Irodzuki Tingle no Koi no Balloon Trip (9/8/8/9), NDS Blood of Bahamut (8/7/7/8), PS2 SD Gundam G Generation Wars (9/8/8/8),  PSP Tales of Versus (8/8/8/8), and PSP Hayarikami 3 (8/8/8/7).
An 8-page advertisement for R-Type Tactics II is somewhat compelling. For Irem's efforts, Famitsu grants a 2-page preview on pages 222-223.
Assorted pastries such as the Double Marron Cream and the Mochitto Roll Caramel may be viewed in this week's Pick Up Food sections.

Wii Wireless Keyboard MH3-Tri JPN

Japanese Import: US$68.00

JAN Code: 4943765034476

 Wii Wireless Keyboard for Monster Hunter 3 Tri - New, In Stock
NCS Product Synopsis
NCSX Logitech gets in on the Monster Hunter 3-Tri launch in Japan with a slim and sleek keyboard that measures approximately 12 x 7" in area and fits most human laps. The Wireless Wii Keyboard runs on the 2.4Ghz band and has an operating range of 10m or 32.80' from point A to point B which is about the same range as the Nintendo Wavebird controller. A wireless receiver in the form of a USB dongle is slotted beneath the keyboard so you'll need to remove that and plug it into the Wii to get started.

   The keyboard is what we'd consider a high quality keyboard with springy keys and solid construction that's non-creaky. Ever buy a generic keyboard made by a generic Asian manufacturer? They're the ones that creak. The Monster Hunter keyboard doesn't make a sound. In addition to the compact keyboard, Logitech gifts buyers with a bonus eco-friendly tote decorated with the Monster Hunter 3 logo and a big dragon that you can use to lug groceries, spirits, or other needful items that must be lugged. 

Wii Classic Keyboard 200 JPN

Japanese Import: US$28.90

JAN Code: 4943765034483

 Wii Logicool Classic Keyboard 200 [White] - New, In Stock
NCS Product Synopsis
NCSX If a $68 wireless Wii keyboard isn't in your immediate future, Logitech also offers a standard Classic Keyboard 200 for the Wii which features a simple, round-edged design. The keyboard connects to the console by way of lengthy USB cable which measures 165cm or 65.96" in length. Notable features for the keyboard include a waterproof design and a special coating which protects the little keys from the elements.

NDS Bleach DS 4th FBringer JPN

Import Preorder: $53.90/each

Jan Code: 4974365910686


PS2 SD Gundam GG Wars JPN

Import Preorder: $70.90/each

Jan Code: 4582224492848

 NEWS Japanese Import Outlook - Arrivals on Thursday
NDS Arabians Lost [Delayed to Sept 10, 2009] Prototype

Blood of Bahamut



Bleach DS 4th: Flame Bringer Sega
  Irodzuki Tingle no Koi no Balloon Trip Nintendo

Neko Neko Bakery DS



Shugo Chara! Norinori! Chara-Nari Zumu


  Tsukibuto SNK

J League Winning Eleven 2009 Club Championship



Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes


SD Gundam G Generation Wars


Janline R



Fate/Tiger Colosseum Upper - Best Price! Capcom

Hayarikami 3


Strikers 1945 Plus Portable



Tales of VS.

Wii EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer Wii EA Sports


Kororinpa 2: Anthony to Kiniro Himawari no Tane Konami
  Pop'n Music Konami

SD Gundam G Generation Wars


PSP G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra USA

Domestic Preorder: $39.90/each

UPC Code: 014633191417

 NEWS USA Release Outlook - Arrivals on Monday-Wednesday
NDS G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra EA
PS2 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra EA
  SingStar: Queen Sony
PS3 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra EA
  SingStar: Queen Sony
PSP G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra EA
  Hannah Montana Lilac Bundle [A Must Get for 2009] Sony
360 Brave: A Warrior's Tale Southpk
  G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra EA
Wii Brave: A Warrior's Tale Southpk
  G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra EA
  Daisy Fuentes Pilates Sega

3DO AutoBahn Tokio JPN

Sale Import: US$16.90/each

Jan Code: 4984824110786

Publisher: Panasonic

 SOTW AutoBahn Tokio for 3DO - Sale
NCS Sale of the Week Offering: August 03, 2009
Original Release in Japan: December 22, 1995

New and factory sealed copy of AutoBahn Tokio for the Japanese 3DO which was published by Panasonic in 1995. Back then, the original Playstation had already launched and Namco's Ridge Racer was wowing the rabble something fierce. AutoBahn tried to be something more than Ridge Racer with a Championship Mode, a Time Attack Mode, night driving theatrics, and a title screen announcer who bellowed out "AUTOBAHN TOKIO" as if his life depended on proper enunciation. The execution is a little jerky, the controls are rough, and the engine sounds are wimpy but it's a measly $16.90 for a brand new 3DO game that most players have never had the opportunity to enjoy. We use the word "enjoy" loosely.
Product Condition
NCS' remaining AutoBahn Tokio inventory is brand new, factory sealed, and still packed in the original manufacturer cartons.

Sale Offering

Pricing per copy of AutoBahn Tokio is set at US$16.90 each. If you reside in the USA, NCS recommends USPS Media Mail shipping for the most economical domestic service. International customers are encouraged to select USPS First Class Airmail at approximately US$11.

Product SKU: FZ-SJ7801
JAN Code: 4984824110786
Japanese Product Name:
: Panasonic / Developer: Sanyei Shobou
Compatibility: 3DO (Region-Free)


In Loving Memory - M. Lee

Summary of the Week
Monday TOYS Shooting Game Historica 3 SP Photo Gallery  MAG Weekly Famitsu Vol. 1078  Wii Wireless Keyboard for Monster Hunter 3, Classic Keyboard 200  NEWS Release outlook for the week  SOTD AutoBahn Tokio
Tuesday NEWS Reservations welcome for TOYS Petit Idolmaster Stage 01 Charm Set, TOYS Dragon Ball Kai Ritai Mug, TOYS Narikiri Hello Kitty Collection 3, TOYS Final Fantasy Creatures Kai Vol. 1, TOYS Witchblade: Masane Amaha Bikini Figure, TOYS Kinnikuman Fukukuban 11, TOYS Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Glass
Wednesday X360 Hori Real Arcade Twinstick EX Update  MAG Famitsu Wave DVD [Sept 2009]  BOOK Street Fighter Artworks (Softcover)  TRC Mario Kart Wii Trading Card Fun Packs  TRC Complete Twilight Zone 50th Anniversary T/C Box  TOYS Barbie Twilight Doll  TOYS Atari Controller Gum Tin
Thursday NDS Blood of Bahamut, Bleach DS 4th: Flame Bringer, Irodzuki Tingle no Koi no Balloon Trip, Tsukibuto
PS2 Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes, SD Gundam G Generation Wars  PSP Tales of VS.  Wii Kororinpa 2: Anthony to Kiniro Himawari no Tane, Pop'n Music  TOY Vampire Saviour Nishimura Morrigan, Nendoroid Sebastian Michaelis
Friday NEWS Reservations open for Beatmania IIDX 16 Empress Konamistyle Editions  NDS Shugo Chara! Norinori! Chara-Nari Zumu  TRC Juicy Honey SE Kirara Asuka  TOYS I Love Kinbaku preorder
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