PS3 Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Edition Bundle Deluxe - New, In Stock
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NCS Product Synopsis
Update: May 28, 2010
NCSX Square Enix localizes Final Fantasy XIII in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan this week with a Chinese language rendition of the game. Since anyone in those territories (who really really wanted to play the game) has already played the Japanese or North American version of FFXIII already, Square had to think of a gimmick to convince fans to purchase the game again. The gimmick was a multi-pronged one as follows

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Edition Bundle Deluxe Contents
Final Fantasy XIII game (Chinese with English/Korean subtitles)
Dual Shock 3 controller with pink Lightning imprint
FFXIII Original Soundtrack (10 tracks)

FFXIII CG Illustrations Booklet
FFXIII Character Poster
Original FFXIII Sleeve Case
Playstation Network Card (One of four types for Premium Avatar DLC)
Sony HDMI Cable (Packaged separately from the FFXIII box)

   The soundtrack
CD contains the following tracks:

02) FINAL FANTASY XIII - The Promise
03) Defiers of Fate
04) Saber's Edge
05) The Hanging Edge
06) The Vestige
07) Promised Eternity
08) Lake Bresha
09) Eidolons
10) Blinded By Light

   All re-confirmed preorders at the price of US$138.90 will ship today and new orders are welcome for dispatch this afternoon. Please note that our Hong Kong vendor didn't receive all of the Premium Avatar DLC cards from Sony distributor when they shipped the game this past week but we'll receive them separately next week. The cards will be shipped to customers by Postal Mail once they're in stock. The available character avatars are shown below:
(1) Choose 1 out of 7 character avatars
Lightning Snow Vanille Sazh
Hope Fang Serah  
(2) Chocobo avatar  




Product Specifications
Publisher: Square Enix
Compatibility: Playstation 3 (Region-Free)
Voice-over Language: Japanese Only
Menu and Subtitle Languages: Chinese, English, Korean
Format: Blu-Ray Disc (Single-Layer)
Japanese Product Name:
Product SKU:
Jan Code:


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