PS4 Kamen Rider Climax Fighters - Import Preorder $69.90 (Regular) / $100.90 (Premium)

Product Synopsis
   Kamen Riders assemble once again to determine who is the strongest and battle-hardened of the Rider fraternity in a fighting game which features online play in addition to offline histrionics. In addition to the regular edition of the game, a "Premium R Sound Edition" of the game is available for preorder which includes 38 additional song tracks in the game along with a set of seven Kamen Rider character art cards.

Order Details
  Preorders are
welcome to ship on or around December 7, 2017. The first printing of both versions of the game will include DLC for a Kamen Rider Playstation 4 theme. Please note the DLC must be redeemed on the Japanese Playstation Network before January 5, 2018.

 Product Specs

Bandai Namco Entertainment
Product SKU:
4573173322546 / PLJS-36019 (Regular Edition)
 Product SKU: 4573173322553 / PLJS-36022 (Premium Edition)
 Release Date in Japan: December 7, 2017
 Japanese Title:【通】仮面ライダー クライマックスファイターズ 通常版
 Japanese Title:【限】仮面ライダー クライマックスファイターズ プレミアムRサウンドエディション
Territory/Language: Japan

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