Second Quarter 2011 Import Archive [Beginning of April to the end of June]

Short-oil, SON

June 27, 2011
New Imports 3DS Tales of the Abyss
  NDS Ohanaya-San Monogatari 
  PSP To Heart 2 Dungeon Travelers
  PS3 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 
  TOYS Ocean Animal 3D Crystal Puzzles, Playstation Microfiber Towel, Space Invaders 30th Anniversary Magnets
  X360 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
Summary NEWS Reservations open for TRC Juicy Honey AVC 17 Trading Cards, TOYS Hello Kitty Mega Monster Cosplay, TOYS To Heart 2 X-Rated Tamaki Kousaka Purple, TOYS Movie Masterpiece Captain America
NEWS Reservations welcome for 3DS Ryoume De Unou O Kitaeru:3D Sokudoku Jutsu, 3DS Nightmare Puzzle: Crush 3D, PS3 Dunamis 15, X360 Dunamis 15, X360 Rise of Nightmares, TOYS Freezing: Ingrid Bernstein Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure, TOYS Queens Blade Echidna 1/4.5 Polyresin Figure, TOYS Nendoroid Petit: Fate/Stay Night Extension Set
June 20, 2011
New Imports PSP Gundam Memories: The Memory Of Battle
  PS3 Bleach: Soul Ignition, Meruru no Atelier Arland no Renkinjutsu 3 Premium Box 
  Wii Earth Seeker
Summary NEWS  Reservations welcome for TOYS Transformers Encore 20: G1 Devastator, TOYS Star Wars Homestar R2-D2, TOYS Kasugano Sora Alter Version, Preorders welcome for Shooting Gameside Vol. 2
June 13, 2011
New Imports 3DS Zelda no Densetsu: Toki no Ocarina 3D
  NDS Oshigo to Theme Park, Shin Hisui no Shizuku Hiro no Kakera 2
  PSP Danball Senki, Kaeru Batake de Tsukamaete Portable
  360 Steins;Gate Double Pack, Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri no Darling
Summary NEWS Reservations welcome for 3DS Super Pokemon Scramble, NDS Atsumete! Kirby, PSP Monhan Niki Pokapoka Airu Mura G, Wii Inazuma Eleven Strikers, Wii Minna No Rhythm Tengoku, Import outlook
June 06, 2011
New Imports PS3 Ryu Ga Gotoku Of the End
Summary NEWS Reservations welcome for PSP Growlanser IV Over Reloaded, TOYS Okami San: Ryoko Okami 1/7 Scale Figure, TOYS Samurai Girls: Kanetsugu Naoe 1/8 Scale Figure, Import outlook
NEWS Preorders open for PS3 The 2nd Super Robot Wars OG Complete BD, PS3 Tales of Xillia Famitsu DX Pack, TOYS Evangelion Rei Ayanami Apron Version
NEWS Reservations open up for TOYS Godzilla 1989 1/80 Scale Vinyl Figure, PS3 Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver, NDS Suite PreCure: Melody Collection, Wii U Announced, Darth Vader Goes to Disneyland
NEWS Reservations welcome for GuitarFreaksXG2 OST
NEWS Preorders open for TOYS Tamaki Kousaka Swimsuit Black, TOYS BlazBlue CS: Makoto Nanaya 1/7 Scale
May 30, 2011
New Imports 3DS Biohazard The Mercenaries 3D
  X360 Phantom Breaker Regular and Limited
Summary NEWS Preorders open for NDS Navigation Nursing DS, PSP Black*Rock The Game Accessory Set, PSP Black*Rock The Game Accessory Set, Famitsu Wave suspended
NEWS Reservations welcome for TOYS The IdolMaster Arcade Cabinet Toy, TOYS One Piece Bandana Part II (Set), TOYS Zombie Girl Polystone Figure, TOYS Elektra Marvel Bishoujo Figure
NEWS Preorders welcome for PS3 Tales of Xillia X Edition
NEWS Reservations open for TOYS Saber Nendoroid Plush Toys, Maid Bride: Tsuneko Black Ver. 1/6 PVC Figure
May 23, 2011
New Imports 3DS One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP
  PSP Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos - Best
  X360 Akai Katana Shin [Regular and Limited]
  Wii Pandora no Tou Kimi no Moto e Kaerumade
Summary NEWS Preorders open for TOYS Spice & Wolf Holo Figure, TOYS Yosuga no Sora: Kasugano Sora Kotobukiya Ver., PSP Nichijou Uchuujin [Regular and Limited Editions], Wii Earth Seeker
NEWS Reservations welcome for NDS All Kamen Rider Rider Generation, NDS Okami-den Chiisaki Taiyo - Best, PSP Taiko no Tatujin Portable Dx Memory Stick Pro Duo 4Gb, TOYS Persona 3 Aegis Chogokin Figure
May 16, 2011
New Imports PSP Akiba's Trip, Doki Doki Suikoden
  TOYS Sony Playstation SL Wall Clock, Itazura Coin Bank Panda, Final Fantasy Creatures Kai Vol. 3, iPhone Final Fantasy VII Advent Children iPhone 4 Case, Mario Kart Wii Sound Drop Compact
Summary NEWS Preorders open for TOYS Odin Sphere & Princess Crown: Trading Figures, TOYS Ore no Imouto Toy Works 2.5 Trading Figures, TOYS Nendoroid: Queen's Blade - Alleyne, Import Outlook for the week
NEWS Reservations welcome for 3DS Bikkuriman Kanjuku Haoh Sanmi Douran Sensouki, PS3 Alice: Madness Returns, X360 SE Wireless Controller Play & Charge Kit, X360 Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon
NEWS Reservations open for 3DS Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions, 3DS Tales of the Abyss, TOYS To Heart 2 Tamaki Kousaka Race Queen
May 09, 2011
New Imports PS3 Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsuisou, Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsuisou Yuki no Otoshimono Box \
Summary NEWS Preorders open for CUP Code Geass Mug, KIT Code Geass Ceramic Plate, MISC Tales of Vesperia Pouch, TOYS Monster Hunter Jinouga
NEWS Reservations welcome for TOYS Witch Girl (Majohime), TOYS Demonsqueezer Diabolus Inclinatus,TOYS One Piece Panson Works Full Face Jr Vol. 6
NEWS Preorders for TOYS Sucker Punch: Baby Doll 1/4 Scale, TOYS Minami Kawashima Nendoroid, TOYSKikaider Ver 1.5 Real Action Heroes DX, TOYS Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow & Barbossa, TOYS PotC Jack Sparrow & Blackbeard, TOYS PotC Jack Sparrow & Davy Jones
NEWS Preorders open for PS3 No More Heroes Heroes' Paradise (UK), PS3 Arcana Heart 3 Limited Edition Photo
NEWS Preorders welcome for PS3 Chou Jigen Game Neptune mk2, NDS Camping Mama + Papa, NDS Puyo Puyo!! Normal Edition, NDS Puyo Puyo!! Anniversary Box
Summary NEWS Preorders open for 3DS Zelda no Densetsu Toki no Ocarina 3D, PS3 No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition, Golden Week Holiday in Japan
NEWS Reservations welcome for TOYS Samurai Girls: Yagyu Jubei 1/8 PVC Figure, TOYS The World God Only Knows: Elucia 1/8 Figure, TOYS Valkyria Chronicles 3: Imuka Nendoroid
NEWS Preorders for TOYS No More Heroes 2: Sylvia Christel Scale Figure, TOYS Gunslinger Girl: Triela 1/8 PVC Figure, TOYS Minamike: Chiaki Minami Nendoroid Figure
PS3 Arcana Heart 3 - Limited Edition Preorders  NEWS Tronized Beauty, Dreaming of the Dark Side
April 25, 2011
New Imports X360 El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron, Espgaluda II Black Label - Platinum Collection   
  TOYS Dissidia Trading Arts Vol. 2, Nendoroid Mickey Mouse, High School of the Dead: Rei Miyamoto, Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Tony Ver 1/7 Scale Figure, Portrait of Pirates One Piece Neo DX Marshall D. Teach
  PSP GachiTora! Abarenbou Kyoushi in High School, Patapon 3, Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari
Summary NEWS Reservations welcome for NDS Kokoro No Kokoron, PSP Uta No Prince Sama Repeat, TOYS Revoltech No. 103 Zone of Enders Jehuty, TOYS Nendoroid Plus Plush 01 VOCALOID Hatsune Miku, TOYS Nendoroid Plus Plush 02 VOCALOID Hatsune Miku, TOYS 1/3000 Perfect Transform SDF-1 Macross
April 18, 2011
New Imports MAG Famitsu Wave DVD May 2011
  NDS Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing
X360 Otomedius X Excellent
PSP SNK Arcade Classics 0
PSP Shining Hearts 
Summary NEWS Reservations welcome for PS3 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, X360 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, TOYS Skelanimals Heart Tsuki Mascot Keychain, TOYS Godzilla 1955 Polystone Statue, TOYS Ore No Imouto Konani Kawai Wake Nai Kousaka Kirino, TOYS Sweeney Todd Movie Masterpiece, TOYS Disgaea Etona Daioki ver, TOYS Disgaea 3 Shinobi Raspberyl Kurodani ver, TOYS Nitro+ Plush Series 2 Super Sonico Ver. 2, TOYS Nitro+ Plush Series 3 Super Sonico Ver. 3, PS3 Controller Sou, 3DS Cheburashka Protect Cover
April 11, 2011
New Imports 3DS Pilotwings Resort 
  PSP Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Hakai-hen [Regular & Limited Editions], Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2011, Persona 2 Tsumi
PS3 Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2011
TOYS Custom Burger Keychain Set, Pokemon Projector Light Black & White Set, Video Game Robotics 2,
TRC Juicy Honey Authentic Visual Collection 16
Summary NEWS Reservations open for NDS Ohanaya-San Monogatari (Florist Stories), PS3 Bleach: Soul Ignition, PSP Gundam Memories: The Memory Of Battle, PS3 Ryu Ga Gotoku of The End shipping on June 9, 2011, 3DS Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono. 3D, NDS Shin Hisui no Shizuku: Hiiro no Kakera 2 Portable, PSP Mother Goose no Himitsu no Yakata, PSP Musketeer: Le Sang des Chevaliers, TOYS Ikaruga White Fine Scale Model Kit  TOYS Black Rock Shooter Strength Animation Version
April 04, 2011
New Imports 3DS Cubic Ninja, Nicoli no Sudoku 3D 8-tsu no Puzzle de 1000-mon, Virus Shooter XX
  NDS Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional 
PS2 EbiKore+ Amagami Limited Edition
PSP Chikyuu Boueigun 2 [Regular and Double Recruit Pack], EbiKore+ Amagami Limited Edition
X360 Bullet Soul Tama Tamashii, Eschatos  
OST Myth: The Xenogears Orchestral Album
Summary NEWS Reservations welcome for TOYS Figma Black Rock Shooter Strength, TOYS Tron Legacy: Light Cycle 2010, TOYS Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter Strength, TOYS Nendoroid Samurai Girls Yagyu Jubei, TOYS SR Playstation History Collection 1, PSP Black Rock Shooter The Game
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