National Console Support   Asuka 120% Excellent from Family Soft   Available May 12, 1997
  Girl fighting games usually do very well in terms of sales, even if the gameplay is invariably bland or uninspired. We saw this in Pretty Fighter X, Fist, Asuka 120%, and Advanced Variable Geo. Little surprise that the Excellent version of Asuka 120% varies very little from its predecessors. The graphics are hand drawn and look similar to the quality found in the Ranma series of fighting games from the Super Famicom. The animation quality is good and the characters animate well. The bonus is the attractive cast of characters who punch and kick their way to the top...
Each battle is preceded by a dialogue screen where the fighters set up the reason for why they are battling. Whether it be an intense childhood rivalry or an insult, these girls are taking it to the streets with their exotic blend of fighting moves and special attacks. The game is meant to be taken lightly and as such, many of the moves are silly or comical to look at. The voice acting is also good which adds a little bit of atmosphere to the dialogue screens.
Each fighter has a stats screen where her birthdate, bloodtype, height and weight are posted. Four pictures of the fighting scenes are pasted below for your perusal. NCS recommends this game for collectors of girl fighting games and for fans of games such as Advanced V.G. and Pretty Fighter X. Asuka is on par with those two titles and should prove to be a fun diversion.
Gamers may be reminded of the first generation of 2-D fighters when looking at these pictures.
A lot of Ryu-like dragon punch moves are evident from these two pictures.
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