Sonyps Dual Joypad Controller   Available May 01, 1997   Price: US$39
  Sony's newest controller coincides with the release of Tobal No. 2 in Japan. It is both a regular pad and an analog pad in one controller. You can play Tobal with any of the other standard PS pads out there but the dual pad offers gamers full analog control of players in Tobal or any other game that supports the dual pad controller. In addition to the dual pads, a built-in rattle mechanism will shake the pad slightly when you take a hit or shake with more gusto when you take a wallop from your opponent. The next generation in controllers hits this week with this pad and the new feedback pak that ships with the new Starfox 64 game for the Nintendo 64.
Another view of the dual pad controller for the Sony Playstation.  
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