Weekly Famitsu continues it's charge as the best selling video game magazine in Japan. This new issue features a comprehensive look at all of the recent software offerings in Japan for the popular consoles. The top story in the news section takes a look at FFVII's progress in terms of sales and merchandising. Another story checks the state of the 3DO (just about dead) and looks forward to the future of the other consoles in the market today. A feature on Bio-Hazard Dash for the Sega Saturn includes a good number of clean screenshots and Playstation screenshots. The Saturn screens hold up well against the PS ones. In the back-pages, we get a look at Silhouette Mirage, Digital League and Moon. Digital League is a rendered baseball game for the Playstation that features rounded cartoony characters. A screenshot for Moon is posted below for your perusal..
Moon is an upcoming release for the Playstation that is a 3-D real-time RPG. The graphics are a blend of high quality cartoon art for the main characters and crisp rendered background graphics. The cast is an eclectic group of drawings which range from a four-armed midget to an egg-headed braniac type. Needless to say, they look like an interesting lot and should provide a lot of wild interaction. Moon is scheduled for a late summer '97 release for the Japanese Playstation.
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