SONYPS2 Biohazard Code Veronica Perfect Version Published by Capcom
SLPM 65022~3 2 DVD-Rom NCS Retail Price US$68 (Y6800)
Memory Card Requirement: 103 Kb 1 Player Horror Adventure

   Chris and Claire Redfield seek to put an end to the evil machinations of Umbrella Corporation for the last time. The siblings use brains and guns to delve deep into the mystery of Umbrella and combat the horrors of the T-virus which mutates humans into monsters. Anyone looking for the complete and definitive edition of last year's DC Code Veronica game need look no further than this. Capcom includes several new scenes featuring the Umbrella double agent Wesker and tidies up the storyline. Plot resolutions hatched herein should also explain many of the loose ends found in the DC version of Code Veronica. In the original Biohazard, Wesker was impaled by one of his own mutagenic creations and seemingly shuffled off this mortal coil. His role as an Umbrella associate and conspirator is explored in detail and rendered out in the storyline. 
   A playable preview of Shinji Mikami's Devil May Cry accompanies Veronica. Blood-thirsty ones will find solace in this crimson drenched action game where brute weaponry assault demonic flesh with horrific effect.