ZXE-D is a novel game, and an expensive one at that, for the Playstation. The game package sits in a large suitcase sized container that houses four plastic model robots that can be built from the included parts and the ZXE-D game disc. The four robots are pictured below:

Two of the models are full height robots that stand about 5 inches high. Assembling the robots is very easy, the parts are designed so that they click and latch onto each other for a simple and uncomplicated project. No glue, paint or exacto knives are required to assemble these beautiful models. The models are very detailed and should give lovers of quality plastic constructs a nice addition to their collection.

Here we have the two other robots that are included with the package. These two are about 4 inches high and like the other robots, are poseable. The blue robot may look like it is closer to the ground than the other three but the angle of the photo has caused this effect. The entire group is roughly equal in height.

The robotic parts may all be removed and interchanged with each other. Shown below are some of the different constructs that are possible. Arms, torso parts, and legs have all been designed so that any robot can get fitted with any other robot's parts. Admittedly, the color schemes of some of the robots shown below are a little off and garish but the flexibility of the designs cannot be denied.

Here, a robot is being assembled to create the robot that is pictured above. You may be wondering why you would want to create such an odd looking robot when they look just fine in their original states. The ZXE-D program is capable of interpreting the way that the robots are constructed and will show them accordingly on screen. For example, the robot to the left will look exactly like you have made it on screen, with its awkward proportions and color schemes intact. The robot plugs into the Playstation through a cable that extends from the back of his torso. The cable goes into the Playstation memory card slot. Its impressive and very innovative for this first attempt at something new for the Playstation. Actual game screen shots are shown below.
You can choose from eight different player characters as your mech driver. The pilots don't really make too much of a difference in the actual battles since the mechs are what matter but some characters have better stamina while others are more agile in their controlling patterns.
The game is a playable 3-D fighting game that showcases your robotic constructions. The controls are tight but they could have been improved for smoother execution of moves. Some move sequences are jittery but they do not detract in a major way from the overall game. For a close approximation of what the game is like, pop in your old Zero Divide game and go a few rounds. The camera stays to the side of the robots in most instances and zooms out for the occasional far-off attack view when you are away from your opponent. To the left and to the lower-left, we see all of the four robots in their original, unmodified forms engaged in close combat. Pictured directly below, we have amalgams of some of the robots that have been mixed and matched together.

A close up camera pan of one of the robots executing a projectile attack is shown below. Each robot has their own set of signature and special moves that may be executed with the common semi-circle and button combinations.



NCS' feeling about this package is that it is well done but we're am not sure if we can justify the ~US$200 that we used to open up one of the sets to check it all out. If we didn't have an article to do for this package, we would have never given the okay to open one of these monsters up but as such, we have an obligation to our customers for a fair review of the products that we carry. If you are a fan of both plastic models and video games then this would be a perfect mix of both vices. The package is oversized so additional shipping fees may apply. In the one week that this product has been available, we have sold 6 pcs out of a total of 15 units that were brought in. Perhaps we should be somewhat surprised that six were even sold in a relatively short amount of time but we're reassured that there is a customer base out there that can accept this sort of experimental product. We'll continue to bring this sort of stuff in whenever odd or exotic products are on offer. There is no word from Bandai if a sequel to ZXE-D sans robots is in the works but it would be interesting to see.
The robots are scaled in the pictures to the left and below to a Playstation console and a 13" television.

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