Chun-Li and Cammy are getting into the Real Action Heroes game.
   Yujin's latest Shooting Game Historica (3 SP) features 12 types of ships from Raiden, Star Soldier, In the Hunt, and others. .
Mushihimesama HD X360
   Seven years after porting Mushihimesama on the Japanese Playstation 2, Cave brings the game over to the Xbox 360.

Puzzle and Dragons Pugyutto 6


Trek back to November 13, 2006 when NCS received
our first shipment of Japanese Playstation 3 consoles and sales were frenzied.
   We recap the launch in Japan and link to a number of videos (some of which are now gone).
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July 28  PAD Pugyutto 6, Usami Mizugi
July 27  TokoToko Yoshi, Rockman Swing
July 24  Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi, Iron Man
July 22  DQ Spoon, Beef Towel, Mario Cleaner
July 20  Mega Drive plush, Mega Drive Carabiner
July 17  Star Wars Pullback Droid, Mario Big Pen
July 15  Biohazard Raccoon T-Shirt, DQ Mug
July 13  Saint Seiya Soldiers' Soul preorder
July 10  Dai Gyakuten Saiban RE, LE, e-Capcom
July 08  Catwoman, Snoopy earbuds
July 06  Spiral Moon Rod, Assassin's Creed Syn
July 03  Sega Hard Girls Remix Straps
July 1  Ewoks Pouches, Fire Emblem If Strap
Jun 29  Star Wars 3D Mugs and Savings Banks
Jun 26  P4 Crazy Box, Heavensward PS4/PSV
Jun 24  Monster Hunter Reversible Plushes
Jun 22  Tokudai Yoshi, Slime 3D Ice Tray
Jun 19  Devil May Cry 4 e-Capcom Pizza Box
Jun 17  MGSV Headset, Hori Pad FPS
Jun 15  DQ Ice Tray, Phoenix Wright
Jun 11  Mario Alarm Clock, SW Helmets
Jun 10  Pyramid Thing, Cloud Strike