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Cyber Familator DS Lite

Preorder Import: US$68.00/ea

 NDS Cyber Familator Lite - New Import, In Stock
NCSX What do you get when you combine a Famicom (on a chip) and an Emulator? You get the Familator, which has been available from CyberGadget in a number of incarnations for a few years now. It's one of the better known licensed Famicom clones in Japan. That's right, it has the official sanction of Nintendo unlike the myriad of hack jobs that are available in Asia.

   The Cyber Familator Lite is the latest model which interfaces with a Nintendo DS Lite to give retro gaming fans the ability to play Famicom cartridges directly on the DS. If you prefer playing games on a big screen television, the Familator can pipe composite video and monoaural audio through the AV cable that's included inside the package. Note however that you'll still control the game through the NDS' D-pad. Full Synopsis

PS3 Wipeout Pulse JPN

New Import: US$39.00/ea

 PSP Wipeout Pulse - New Import, In Stock
From the Publisher
   Race head-to-head at eye-watering speeds on magnificently-rendered reversible tracks built into a variety of stunning landscapes. Create your own multiplayer events in Ad Hoc and Infrastructure modes and experience it all to the exhilarating beat of a thumping, fully-licensed soundtrack featuring the latest big names in dance music. There is even the possibility to play your own mp3 files direct from your memory stick!

   Finally, a wealth of extra downloadable content will be made available at launch and post launch, including new tracks, ships and tunes to add to your racing soundtrack, and if you're really impressed with your skills- you can take a snapshot of your ship at any time using Photo Mode and post it online!

Game Features
* Wipeout Pulse refines all the best elements of the Wipeout series
* Features anti-gravity modes, new licensed soundtrack, tracks, downloadable content and more
* Unique visual design and cutting edge music
* 24 new tracks, eight teams and seven game modes
* Pumping sounds from artists including Mason, Loco Dice and Stanton Warriors
* Downloadable packs include new tracks, ships and music



Recurring Photo Post

 NEWS General Updates
Nintendo DS Ys Delayed
Interchannel has pushed the release date of Ys and Ys II back from February 28 to March 20, 2008. Please mark your calendars accordingly.
UPS Tracking Scan Yesterday: "Natural Disaster" in Japan
While routinely tracking inbound packages from Japan yesterday, we noticed one shipment that read, "A NATURAL DISASTER CAUSED THIS DELAY." Concerned that an earthquake or tidal wave had hit Tokyo, we checked on our shipper to make sure everything was okay. Other than a bout of inclement weather, things were fine and "NATURAL DISASTER" was a bit of an exaggeration. Here's a screen capture of the tracking hysteria.

PS1 Blue Shells JPN

SOTD: US$11.00/shipped

 SOTD Playstation Replacement Shell [Blue] - Stock Clearance
Today's sale offer: If you're the kind of player who still has a drab gray Playstation console, you can brighten it up with a pretty blue shell. We originally sold these about a decade ago and they were big. Shipped them all over the world and sales didn't peak until 8 months after the launch which was a beautiful thing. Nowadays, we sell maybe 20 of them every year at the normal price. We might sell 30 this year if we lower the price to US$11 so we're gonna give it a go. Alternate uses for the Playstation shell include but are not limited to: Candy Dish, Tissue Holder, Modern Art, Chest Protector, and non-working Frisbee. -Photos

Target FXP: $45

Summary of the Week
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Wednesday NEWS Darth Vader W Size V.C.D. preorders again, Cyber Familator Lite on the way, CGC Poison restock
Thursday NDS Cyber Familator Lite  PSP Wipeout Pulse  NEWS Nintendo DS remakes of Ys delayed
Friday NEWS Preorders open for PSP My Stylise and Umihara Kawasa, Cyber Familator photo gallery posted
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