SOTD Playstation Replacement Shell [Blue] - Stock Clearance

NCS Product Synopsis
Today's sale offer: If you're the kind of player who still has a drab gray Playstation console, you can brighten it up with a pretty blue shell. We originally sold these about a decade ago and they were big. Shipped them all over the world and sales didn't peak until 8 months after the launch which was a beautiful thing.

  Nowadays, we sell maybe 20 of them every year at the normal price. We might sell 30 this year if we lower the price to US$13.80 so we're gonna give it a go. Alternate uses for the Playstation shell include but are not limited to:

Candy Dish
Tissue Holder
Modern Art
Chest Protector
Non-working Frisbee
Bluish light filter

   We've been known to level tables with a Playstation shell or two. They might also work as garden planters if you remove the lids. Product repurposing. That's what NCS is about.

   Pricing per shell is US$13.80 + shipping. We'd recommend a USPS service.

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