SOTD Trading Figure Offer #1 - Scattered Stock Clearance
NCS Product Description
NCSX Looking over our candy toy and trading figure section in the warehouse over the weekend, we noticed lots of partial boxes of toys. Some boxes had three pieces remaining out of the original ten and others were just missing a couple of pieces. Since we'll probably be moving premises again in 2010, we figured now would be a good time to start clearing out the bits and pieces of inventory that we find loitering around in storage. Our first offer consists of three units of toys as follows:

Macross Super Dimension Figure 002 Series [1 piece] Jan Code: 4947122030262
Kayodo and Movic release a new set of miniature Macross toys which feature transformable Valkyries which are a mere 2.5" tall/long in various configurations. Sculptor Katsuhisa Yamaguchi provides masterful Macross Figure modeling for the new set.

   Five possible Macross mech figures from the popular series are randomly packaged in the Macross SDF 002 candy toy from Movic & Kayodo. The possible figures are: Roy Fokker's VF-1S Valkyrie in robot mode, a variant VF-1S in gerwalk mode, a VF-1J in robot mode, a red variant VF-1J in jet mode, and an MBR-04-MkIV.


Dead or Alive K-T Figure Collection DX [1 piece] Jan Code: 4904880563081
Instead of giving Christie and Helena some love and representation in the Kaiyodo-Takara DOA figures, the manufacturer went with two versions of Ayane and two Kasumis. Lei-Fang and Hitomi also made the cut this time. Measuring 8cm or approximately 3" tall, the fighting gals are fully posable with articulated arms and legs which allow them to be arranged into kinetic action poses.

The build quality of each figure is impressive given the relatively low price point of the toys. Please note that the individual boxes are not marked and there is no way for us to divine the contents of each one. This item is also known as Yamaguchi-Shiki Mini Action Figure.

View additional photos for the DOA K-T Figure Collection item from the original NCS update.

Takara History Toys Collection [1 piece]  Jan Code: 4904880337125
   After serving the youth (and more than a few adults) of Japan with great toys through the decades, toy manufacturer Takara takes a moment to celebrate itself through a collection of toys that takes buyers on a tour of their successes and storied franchises spanning from 1967 to 1988.

   In the early days of the company, Takara was famous for the Licca Chan doll which was prized by girls and young women for its stylish garb and and hairstyles. In 1972, Takara created the Microman series of toys which stoked imaginations with a line-up of miniature humanoids and robots that would eventually make their way into America as the Micronauts. 

   As the 80s rolled around, robot and morphing toys were the rage in Japan and names such as Sentai Rangers, Gundam, and Macross ruled television and toy shelves. Takara created their own line up changeling toys and called them the industrial name of "Car Robot and Micro Change." Sensing a good thing, American toy company Hasbro licensed Takara's new product line and dubbed the robots "Transformers." 

   The Takara History Collection visits all of the aforementioned toys and also takes a gander at the Choro Q line, Flower Rock, and Koeda Chan Tree House. To revisit the past in proper detail, the original cardboard packaging for every toy is recreated in miniature form to house the toy. As a sort of extra bonus, a little packet of bath salt is included in every toy package. Please take note of the twelve possible figures as we have listed below:

Choro Q (Two possible car variants)
Flower Rock (Two possible color variants)
Koeda Chan Tree House (One type only)
Microman (One type only)
Mr Wataru (One type only)
My Licca Chan (Three possible dolls in different outfits)
My Licca Chan Dream House (One type only)
Transformers G1 Convoy (One type only) 

View additional photos for the DOA K-T Figure Collection item from the original NCS update.

   Each toy is factory sealed and packaged with a random figure. Think of it as a surprise when you open your shipment and rip open the three cardboard boxes to discover what you got.  

   Pricing is set at US$15.00 per set of three toys as shown which includes shipping by U.S. Postal Service Media Mail which generally delivers in 5-10 business days. Please note that orders will only be charged US$15.00. Please ignore the shipping quotation on our shop for this offer.


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