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NCS Game Synopsis
NCSX Brightly colored superheroes who wear helmets crafted to look like bugs are known as Kamen Riders in Japan. There's been countless Kamen Rider incarnations through the years and they've mostly drawn design inspirations from the insect kingdom. For example, Kamen Rider Zo is based on a grasshopper while Kamen Rider Agito borrows his look from the stag beetle. Kamen Rider V3 mimics the appearance of a dragonfly and Kamen Rider Chalice takes after a praying mantis complete with antennae. When a whole mess of Riders gather together, they may be mistaken for a collection delusional male cosplayers but that's exactly what you're going to get with Bandai's new fighter titled Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes.

   The Riders featured in the game all hail from the Heisei era which began with Kamen Rider Kuuga from 1999 and runs all the way to this year's Kamen Rider Decade which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Heisei lineage. Gamers get to pit heroes such as Kamen Rider Agito against Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kamen Rider Hibiki, Kamen Rider Den-O, Kamen Rider Kiva, and others on a 3D battlefield. A Rider fighter can attack an opponent with conventional punches and kicks but standard four-hit chain combos are also possible. For lengthier combos, Riders can transform into their alter-egos and rattle off 10-hit combination attacks for mega-mighty displays of physical prowess.

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Publisher: Bandai
Compatibility: Playstation 2 (Japan-Only)
NCS Game Notes
Eighting developed the game for Bandai

If you select the STORY MODE of the game, an introductory sequence begins immediately accompanied by voice over where you'll play as Kamen Rider Decade and choose from two options. You can practice a little bit by selecting the Kamen Rider Decade option where he'll peform some practice moves with Kamen Rider Kiva watching or select the Kamen Rider Kouga option to fight against Kamen Rider Kouga. The first battle against Kouga takes place in a church. After defeating Kouga, the length of the match is shown and you're given a letter grade to rank your performance. A Kamen Rider card is also gifted to you along with a video clip and added to the game's unlocked items. You'll be prompted to save your progress to memory card after each match.

SQUARE - Punch
TRIANGLE - Strong Punch
CIRCLE - Sword Swing or Gunshot

Only the D-pad can be used to control the Rider. Pushing the buttons in sequence will trigger combo attacks including one sequence where Decade throws two punches and then shoots his opponent in the face. Pushing away from the opponent will automatically throw up the Rider's blocking move to stave off attacks. 

A straight-up VS mode is also available where you can choose the following Riders:

● Kamen Rider Kiva
● Kamen Rider Decade
● Kamen Rider Kabuto
● Kamen Rider Den-O
● Kamen Rider Blade
● Kamen Rider Ryuki
● Kamen Rider Kuuga
● Kamen Rider Agito
● Kamen Rider Faiz
● Kamen Rider Hibiki

We pitted Hibiki against Agito in one match - each match begins with some theatrics from the combatants before the camera pans to the side and the fight begins. Hibiki beats on opponents with a pair of batons and can blow out a flame-breath-attack from his mouth (Press the O button). In the middle of the match, we watched in astonishment as Agito pulled off a special move which was shown by the camera in three sequential angles where he seemingly busted Hibiki's chest and knocked him to the ground like a rag doll.

The Kamens can recover in mid-air after being attacked. So, when a punch sends a Rider up into the air, he can resist being juggled by the opponent's subsequent punches and leap upwards and over the adversary to avoid the next barrage of attacks.

Agito does a dismissive move with his hand after he wins as if to say, "Feh, that wasn't even worth my precious time."

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