First Quarter 2002 [Beginning of January to the End of March]
First Quarter Ends this week. Second Quarter begins next week. 
03.25.02 Playstation 2 Alpine Racer 3, Jet de Go! 2, Kingdom Hearts, Psyvariar Complete Edition, Super Robot Wars Impact, Tekken 4, Wangan Midnight
NCS closes out the first quarter of 2002 with a legion of new imports. This marks our best first quarter in terms of sales volume. Playstation 2 leads the way with much of the action but we see support from the Dreamcast (Sakura 4) and an old battle-axe (Neo-Geo and KOF 2001). 
Dreamcast Sakura Taisen 4 [Regular and Limited], Sakura Complete Box 
Gamecube Biohazard with Memory Card 59
GB Advance Powerful Pro Baseball Pocket 4
Playstation Nijiro, Shin Megami Tensei 2, Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children
Playstation 2 Psyvariar [Regular, CD, and DVD Editions]
Xbox The Castle of Shikigami 
Summary Christmas in March. That's how we'd describe this particular week as GC Biohazard and DC Sakura Taisen 4 are released. Pre-sales for Biohazard are stellar and the best on Gamecube since the console debuted last year. Sakura Taisen always sells well and we anticipate strong sales in the months to come after early adopters grab their copies of the game. 
Dreamcast Weakness Hero Torauman 
Gamecube Doshin the Giant
Neo Geo  King of Fighters 2001 [JPN]
Playstation Shin Megami Tensei 2
Playstation 2 Typing Love Story Boys Be, Kingdom of Scribbling, Wild Arms 3rd Ignition
Xbox Live World Soccer 2002
Summary The big event this week happens to be the Neo Geo home release of King of Fighters 2001 and NCS prepares for the shipping. Also big in Japan, and somewhat in the USA, Doshin the Giant on Gamecube warrants a look-see due to it's interesting premise and visual style. 
Dreamcast Milky Season, Mizuiro LE, Nijyuei, Sakura Taisen 3 Memorial Pack 
GB Advance Goemon New Age
Playstation 2 Kanon, Keyboardmania 2nd & 3rd Mix, Itadaki Street 3, Tokanaru Jikounonaka 2 [Regular and Limited Edition], Onimusha 2
Xbox Japanese joypads in black and gray
Summary Big and unwieldy USA Xbox joypads lead to big sales for Japanese joypads as we import both black and gray controllers this week. A new set of Parappa the Rapper toys also do well. A very busy week overall, we cap it with restock of Shenmue 2 [EUR] and Headhunter [EUR] which finally arrives after a month of delays in Europe.  
Playstation 2 Xenosaga [Regular and Limited Edition]
Xbox Japanese consoles, Dead or Alive 3, Jet Set Radio Future, Silent Hill 2
Summary Japanese Xbox consoles finally arrive and NCS dispatches all preorders. Recent angst with the US Postal Service forces our hand in removing the USPS Priority Mail shipping option from our shop. Current customers may still ask us to ship their orders with USPS Priority however since we want to be flexible. Many customers also ship to P.O. Boxes, which necessitates Priority Mail in certain circumstances. 
   Shipping volumes escalate on Thursday when Xenosaga LE and RE arrives, marking one of the best selling games this quarter. 
02.18.02 GB Advance Captain Tsubasa Advance, Domo's Mysterious TV, WTA Tennis Tour
Gamecube Dobutsu Bancho aka Animal Leader
Playstation 2 Kemco 8M memory card
Summary A small patch of confusion mid-week as differing reports stream in about Japanese Xbox controllers not working properly with USA Xbox consoles. It's resolved by a Microsoft rep stating Xbox controllers are indeed universal. Not the case with Xbox software, as they are found to be territory locked and incompatible with foreign consoles. NCS also confirms preorders for the Xbox limited edition. 
Gamecube Virtua Striker 3 ver. 2002
Playstation 2 Dual Hearts, Samurai, Smash Court Pro Tennis, Space Channel 5 Part 2
Summary The Lunar New Year kicks off this week, bringing in the Year of the Horse. According to feng-shui scholars, the portents for 2002 abound with conflict due to the clash of elementals associated with the Horse (a strong fire element) and the Year 2002 (water) determined by the stem-branch system. While peace is not in the cards, mediation of conflict between fire and water may be attempted with wood (literal, figurative, and symbolic forms). Global economies are also expected to weaken further this year, with stock markets suffering further calamity.  
   In other news, NCS starts pre-orders for a Candy Toy Barbie and also posts photos of a shampoo from Takara whose bottle is shaped like a Gameboy Advance. 
02.04.02 Dreamcast J-League Spectacle Soccer, Fushigi no Dungeon, Sakura Taisen 2 Memorial
Playstation 2 Grandia Xtreme Limited Edition  
Summary NCS stocks and restocks PS2 Grandia Xtreme LE this week. The XRGB-2 Plus also arrives, which brings new VGA video wizardry to the console scene. 
01.28.02 Dreamcast Bokomu no Tatsujin [Late]
GB Advance Tomato Adventure [Late]
Playstation 2 FFX International, Grandia Xtreme, Virtua Fighter 4, VF4 Joystick
Summary NCS restocks Japanese PS2 consoles early in the week to prepare for the Virtua Fighter 4 onslaught. A shipment expected last week arrives on Monday and new shipments of Japanese toys are due in towards the end of the week, including long-awaited Transformers re-issues. 
01.21.02 Dreamcast Boko Dream, Missing Parts ~ the Tantei Stories
GB Advance Guilty Gear X Advance, Snapkids, Tomato Adventure
Playstation 2 Exciting Pro Wrestling 3, Kengo Sword of 634, 
Wonderswan Romancing Saga
Summary A largish restock shipment of Beatmania IIDX controllers arrive early in the week, with the PS2 version of Beatmania IIDX 6th Style looming in the horizon. NCS opens up pre-orders for a number of PS2 imports expected in March including Alpine Racer 3, Jet de Go! 2, and Tekken 4. 
01.14.02 Dreamcast Sakura Taisen 1 Memorial Pack
GB Advance Televi de Advance peripheral
Playstation 2 Love Smash, Bravo Music Standard Edition
Summary Pre-orders are opened for the X-Box Limited Edition which will be released in Japan on February 22. A bonus keychain signed by Bill Gates appears to be the kicker. NCS also opens pre-orders for the Dreamcast Direct only version of Space Channel 5 Part 2 Regular and Limited Edition and the deluxe version of Super Robot Wars Impact for the PS2. On the European Dreamcast, NCS opens up pre-orders for Evil Twin which ships on February 22 ~ 29.  
01.07.02 GB Advance Gameboy Advance Unit + King of Fighters EX Neo Blood Bundle 
Summary NCS starts the second week of 2002 with a re-confirmation of the KOF EX bundle and expected restock of GC joypads and consoles later in the week. With suppliers in Japan on extended holiday, we expect resumption of normal business activity next week. A new domain at provides redundancy in case we're ever "Slash-dotted" again. A new store site at is also planned for the first quarter but the current store site will remain in place. NCS opens pre-orders for Sakura Taisen 4 Regular and Limited Edition, along with a mega Sakura Complete package containing all 4 Sakura titles.
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