Third Quarter 2002 [Beginning of July to the end of September]
09.30.02 GB Advance Silver / Gold Gameboy Advance Handhelds
  Gamecube  Broadband Adapter
  Playstation 2 Chulip, Daisenryaku 1941, GetBackers Mugenshiro, 
  Toys Love Hina Skyluv 01, Macross VF-1S Strike Valkyrie, Star Wars: Anakin, Darth, Clone Trooper
Summary Despite reports from Japan about the Gamecube Broadband Adapter dropping ADSL connections randomly, feedback from customers over the weekend pretty much dispel these problems. 
09.23.02 Dreamcast Kimiga Nozomu Eien
  GB Advance Groove Adventure Rave 2, Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper  
  Gamecube Tsukande! Mawashite!, Starfox Adventures
  Playstation  Prince of Tennis ~ Blood & Tears
  Playstation 2 Culcept II Expansion, Energy Airforce, Ferrari F355, Final Fantasy XI 2002 Special Artbox, J-League Winning Eleven 6, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Poinie's Poin, Silpheed, Winning Post 5 Max 2002, Yamasa Digital Slot World 
  Wonderswan Gundam G Generation Mono-Eye Gundam
  X-Box Brave Knight Leverant Eiyuden
Summary Another busy week which saw the release of many new imports. It may appear early but NCS is preparing for the holiday season which is around the corner - while many vendors state that the Christmas holiday is where they make the bulk of their sales, we see a more distributed sales season since the games really dictate what happens during the course of the year. For example, when a game such as Ikaruga or Phantasy Star Online is released, that's when the sales spikes occur. When it's quiet, that's when things trough. 
09.16.02 GB Advance Samurai Evolution ~ Sakura Gunigaist, Super Mario World 3 Advance
  Gamecube Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II, 56K Modem
  Playstation  Mini-Moni Syakatto Tambourine! Da-Pyon w/ Controller, Romance Wa Ken No Kagayaki 2
  Playstation 2 .Hack Vol. 2, Super Puzzle Bobble 2
Summary Headaches from Phantasy Star Online and suppliers make this a helluva the bad sense of the phrase. In any case, we're able to fill 90% of our orders for the game but 10% of the keyboard orders. Suppliers are also reticent to ship additional quantities of PSO Ep. 1+2 due to the duping bug found in the game - NCS now endeavors to locate other suppliers who are willing to ship the buggy game to us. 
09.09.02 Dreamcast Dream of Pandora Limited Edition
  Gamecube Biohazard Zero Preview, Captain Tsubasa, Zoids Versus
  Playstation  Martial Beat 2
  Playstation 2 Inaka Kurasi
  Xbox Tekki
  Toys Bandai Macross Valkyrie VF-1A and Super VF-1S Hikaru
Summary A year ago, this week, we were watching the twin towers smoke and then crumble to the ground in a barrage of concrete and steel. While remembrance is necessary, NCS decided to take the day to list the top 20 sellers in our company's history - as an adjustment of focus. Every news outlet was covering it and there was no need to mention it. 
09.02.02 Dreamcast Ikaruga
  TOYS Love Hina Maid Figures, Evangelion Swimsuit Figures
Summary The biggest game in our company's history shipped this week. Ikaruga's a Treasure game and NCS processed roughly under a thousand shipments each day starting on Tuesday to fill all preorders that we've taken since April of this year. It was a big relief when we finished up and realized that another milestone has been achieved and passed in good form. Preparation is the key to all big endeavors... 
08.26.02 GB Advance Black Matrix Zero, Princess Blue
  Dreamcast Bittersweet Fools, Ever 17 ~ The Out of Infinity
  Playstation 2 3-D Fighting School 2, Ever 17 ~ The Out of Infinity, Hooligan, Shin Sangoku Musou 2 Moushouden [Regular and Limited Edition], Switch
  Wonderswan Shaman King ~ The Will of Future
Summary Many new imports this week but excuse the lack of updates this week - obligations around the country forced our hand in keeping website updates sparse.
08.19.02 GB Advance Mr Driller Ace
  Playstation 1 TV Animation X
  Playstation 2 Auto Modellista, Memorial Song, Project Minerva
Summary A great week in terms of sales as we head towards the fall season. We made it through another summer and we'll start September with Ikaruga. Christmas is just around the corner and we look forward to another bustling holiday season as the PS2, GC, and Xbox motor ahead on all cylinders. 
08.12.02 Playstation 2 Virtua Cop Rebirth
Summary Hitting the summer doldrums in terms of releases this week with a single new release, which is a re-release of games from years ago. Isn't it ironic... NCS stocks a number of restock games to fill the void but generally, this is a lackadaisical week for new blood but that's okay - we're preparing for the Ikaruga flood which flows on September 05. 
08.05.02 Dreamcast First Kiss Story 2 Limited Edition, King of Fighters 2000
  GB Advance Rockman & Forte
  Gamecube Disney's Magical Park
  Playstation 1 Puyo Puyo Tsu, Puyo Puyo Sun, Puyo Puyo Box, Puyo Puyo 4
  Playstation 2 Air, Everblue 2, Kuusen, Combat Queen, Ground Breaker 2, Growlanser 2, RPG Tsukuuru 5 
  Xbox Phantom Crash
Summary A good week with a healthy assortment of releases covering different genres of gaming. The rash of Puyo Puyo re-releases on the Playstation helped to revive interest in a game that most gamers have either heard of or played. 
07.29.02 GB Advance Super Robot Wars R
  Gamecube Shinkisekai Evolusia
  Playstation 1 Arcade Hits Frisky Tom, KOF 99 Best, Kowai Shashin, Plue no Daibouken ~ Groove Adventure Rave, Star's Mahoroba, Tall Unlimited
  Playstation 2 Combat Queen, D-Terminal Cable, Densha de Go! Travel Mood, Devil May Cry Megahits, Gundam Lost War Chronicles, Hokahoka Sentou, Zen Black Playstation 2 Console 
  Xbox Murakumo
  WSC Inuyasha Fuunemaki!
  TOYS Domokun plushes, Love Hina Summer Festival Figures, Prowl and Jazz Transformers
Summary The hits keep on coming to maintain our roll in this busier than normal summer. Domokun plushes are in demand and we're sating the need for the popular brown monster. Love Hina figures always do well and we're treated to new Sega Toys figures which take inspiration from Episode 18 of the television series. Big sellers in the gaming side of our business include the D-Terminal cables for the XRGB-2+ and Gundam Lost War Chronicles. News is fairly light but Final Fantasy Adventure Bible has been delayed to the end of APril and Capcom announced a new date for Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper on GBA (October 02, 2002). 
07.22.02 Dreamcast Elysium
GB Advance Bubble Bobble Old & New
Playstation 2 Drummania Re-issue, Gran Turismo Concept 2001 Geneva, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Kamaitachi no Yoru 2, Roommania #203
Summary Another busy week with a large amount of imports shipping. Restock of Mario Sunshine will make up the bulk of new orders this week, a testament of it's strength as a sales winner during the lazy days of summer. For this week, Gran Turismo Geneva will sell well along with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. For the third week in a row, the Dreamcast gets a new release. Feels like the old days when the console was still viable. Or something like that. 
07.15.02 Dreamcast Suika [Regular and Limited Edition]
GB Advance Final Fire Pro Wrestling, Super Makaison R
Gamecube Beach Spikers, Super Mario Sunshine
Playstation 2 Ape Escape 2, Beatmania IIDX 6th Style, Densha de Go! Travel Mood, Drummania Kit Re-issue, 
Gun Grave [Regular and Limited Edition], Kuon no Kizuna Sairin, Powerful Pro Baseball 9
Summary A busy, busy week with a number of "big" titles led by Super Mario Sunshine. The latest from Nintendo looks positively amazing with sublime graphical style and what looks to be the usual superb gameplay that allows Nintendo to rule the platform market. The new Beatmania game on PS2 will do predictably great numbers and Sega's Gun Grave is an exciting development for the action-shooting genre. Dreamcast fans are on a roll with another new release shipping to market.  
07.08.02 Dreamcast Castle Fantasia ~ Seima Taisen
Playstation Genso Suikoden 1, Genso Suikoden 2 [PSOne Books Re-releases]
Playstation 2 Aero Dancing 4, Genso Suikoden 3, I am Small, Japan Sumo, Rescue Helicopter Air Ranger
Wonderswan Front Mission, Riviera ~ Place of Promise
Summary Bandai forges ahead with a new version of the Wonderswan this week and the trickle of new WSC software offers some semblance of life on the "forgotten" portable. It's been all Gameboy Advance these past few months but we applaud Bandai's tenacity. The Dreamcast rolls on with another new release this week, and last week's news of Ikaruga in September basically dominated our preorders for the past few days.   
07.01.02 Gamecube Capcom vs SNK EO
Playstation 2 Fantavision 2, Ghost Vibration, Silent Hill 2 APATEOL
Wonderswan Arc the Lad
Toys Evangelion Figures, Love Hina Swimsuit Figures Vol. 2, Metal Gear Solid 2 Mini-Figures, Nightmare Before Christmas Kubrick Set, One Piece Plushes, Sakura Taisen 3 Keychains
Summary The week of July 4th cuts down our week into four days but we appreciate the mid-week break. NCS will return to normal operations on July 5 to prepare for the imports that are expected on Friday. A large assortment of toys make it in on Monday and we'll spend the next few days going through the stock, take photos, and do some write-ups on the products.  
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